erplain allows you to input detailed information about your customers and suppliers, saving you a significant amount of time when creating new sales documents.

Customer Interface

All Your Contacts in One Place

Add all your customer information: shipping and billing addresses, pricing levels, discounts, taxes, websites, social media networks and more. Save time when creating sales documents as customer information is automatically filled in. Enjoy the same time-saving process on the supplier side!

Create Tags for Your Customers

Group your customers into categories, such as “Retail", “Online”, or “Top Tier”. Tags allow you to use powerful search filters which you can use to set up specific price rules or commercial terms.

Customer History and Follow-up

erplain helps you to find your customers and suppliers' information quickly, including their order history, pending invoices, multiple addresses and current shipments.

Manage Multiple Currencies

Manage suppliers from all over the world, whatever currency they use.

Identify Best Customers

The customer analytics tools allow you to analyze your customer base and to identify your best customers according to specific criteria.

Dedicated Access for Salespeople

Your sales team will only access their customers’ data.