Inventory Management for QuickBooks Online

Connect erplain, your inventory management software, with QuickBooks Online.
Save time: Your accounting, orders and inventory synchronize automatically and securely in the cloud.

QuickBooks integration with erplain

Robust inventory management features for QuickBooks Online

erplain integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online. erplain synchronizes invoices, purchase orders, products, inventory, customers and suppliers with QuickBooks Online.

Multiple stock locations
Multiple price levels
Reserve your stock with sales orders

Why Small Business Owners Love erplain

It certainly takes the inventory management aspect of QuickBooks to a whole new level and if you hit a snag, the support team is super quick and helpful.


Really simple to use, dynamic and has all the needs for my business. I've tried several app and this is definitely the best option. Great customer service.

Quickbooks sales orders

Advanced Sales Order Features

  • Sales orders reserve inventory, while shipping orders decrease inventory
  • Create sales orders from estimates
  • Place backorders in seconds: Create purchase orders directly from sales orders

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Quickbooks bundles

Bundles and Assembly

  • Create new products assembled from other products (components)
  • Bundles are separate products with their own inventory and price

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Quickbooks multiple locations

Multiple Stock Locations

  • Track, sell and forecast your inventory from multiple stock locations
  • Set bin locations and reorder points per location

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Quickbooks multiple price levels

Multiple Price Levels

  • Wholesale and retail price levels for each variant
  • Advanced price rules to avoid pricing mistakes

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erplain includes many more valuable features such as barcodes support, user permissions and more.
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What is QuickBooks Online? QuickBooks Online is the #1-rated cloud accounting and bookkeeping software for small businesses. QuickBooks is used by 4.3 million customers globally.

How do I get started? Connecting QuickBooks Online to erplain only takes two minutes. Simply go to Connect Quickbooks Online to erplain.

Why do I need erplain and QuickBooks Online? For customers who need a robust inventory and order management system, erplain connects seamlessly and in real-time to QuickBooks. With erplain, you will have support for multiple stock locations, price levels, price rules, and the ability to reserve your inventory with sales orders. erplain also supports barcode scanners. Check out all features:

What information is being synchronized between erplain and QuickBooks online? Purchase orders and invoices are sent to QuickBooks Online. Customers and suppliers will also sync between the two systems. And all this in real time!

Does erplain work with QuickBooks Desktop? No, erplain integrates with QuickBooks Online only. erplain and QuickBooks Online are cloud-based solutions. We strongly feel that the cloud is a great solution for small business owners to access their data securely from anywhere, without the need to invest in IT services.

What currency do you support? erplain supports multiple currencies.

Can I import my existing customers, suppliers and products from QuickBooks Online to erplain? Yes, and it only take a couple of clicks.

For more information on how to use erplain with QuickBooks Online check out the documentation on the help center, or reach out to us at