Inventory Management for Shopify

Powerful cloud integration for small business owners managing an ecommerce business and selling products offline to customers and retailers. B2C and B2B in one place.

Shopify synchronization

Sync your Shopify Inventory with Your Offline Sales Channels in Real Time

Grow your business with multiple sales channels with erplain and Shopify. erplain enables you to manage sales orders, purchase orders and inventory in one central system.

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Multiple locations shopify

Multiple Sales Locations

erplain supports multiple warehouses and stock locations. Select which location(s) will be synchronized with Shopify. Inventory levels will be adjusted whenever a sale is made on your Shopify store.

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Shopify Point Of Sale (POS)

Support for Shopify POS

Manage your stock from all your physical stores, using Shopify POS. Assign each Shopify POS device to a stock location in erplain to manage your inventory in multiple separate locations.

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erplain includes many more valuable features such as barcodes support, user permissions and more.
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Why Small Business Owners Love erplain

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If I could give a 6 star I would. I have an online store along with 5 physical store fronts in multiple cities. If I didn't find erplain, there was no way for me to expand to a different city.

Looking for a great multiple location inventory system with most of the bells and whistles of the $$$ ones but for $? erplain does what you need, simple as that. Customer service has been the best I have ever received.


What is Shopify? Shopify is an ecommerce platform for small businesses that allows them to easily build and manage their online retail store. Shopify POS allows business owners to sell in their own physical retail stores.

How do I get started? Connect erplain to Shopify in less than five minutes. Simply go to Connect Shopify to erplain.

Why do I need erplain for Shopify? erplain enables small businesses not only to sell their products online, but also to manage offline sales channels. Whether you are a distributor reselling your products to several retail stores, a wholesaler managing multiple locations with account managers, or selling your products while ordering products to different suppliers, erplain is here to help synchronize these sales with your Shopify sales.  With erplain, you can also manage multiple price levels and price rules, in addition to your reorder points per location, and much more. Check all order and inventory features:

What information is being synchronized between erplain and Shopify? Inventory levels are updated in real time from your Shopify Store or from physical stores (if you use Shopify POS). Creating purchase orders on erplain will increase your stock levels in the chosen location. Products and variants are also synced in real time and can be created in either system. Finally, customers, sales orders and invoices are automatically synced between erplain and Shopify.

Does erplain work with Shopify POS? Yes, erplain also works with Shopify POS. Simply assign each POS device to a stock location in erplain. Stock levels will automatically be adjusted in erplain. You can now start selling instore and online to B2C while managing your B2B orders — all centralized in one place.

Can I import my existing products, suppliers and customers from Shopify to erplain? You can import all your products from Shopify to erplain in one click and vice versa. Suppliers don’t sync with Shopify, since Shopify doesn’t support the purchasing workflow. Customers are sent to erplain automatically once the order has been placed.

For more information on how to use erplain with Shopify, check out the documentation on the help center, or reach out to us at