Real-time Reports and Analytics

Make informed decisions with built-in reports about your stock, products, sales, customers or locations. Grow and optimize your wholesale business, using analytics.

Intelligence reports

Real-time Data for Insightful Reports

Analyze your profits and margins, generate sales reports in real-time based on customers, seasonality, locations and more, and track open orders. Find your best-selling products or your best customers in seconds.

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Track invoices

Track Unpaid and Overdue Invoices

Find your overdue invoices in seconds with erplain. Following-up with your customers in a more timely manner has never been easier.

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Inventory Valuation & COGS

Inventory Valuation & COGS

erplain keeps track of your inventory valuation per date and reports the moving average cost (MAC) for each of your products.
The system also details the cost of goods sold (COGS).

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More Analytical Features to Grow Your Business Faster:

  • Keep track of your key metrics in one place
  • Customizable reports: Add or hide columns in the built-in reports
  • Set up alerts to receive email notifications when your stock is running low
  • Create and save reports that fit your business needs for quick access at anytime
  • View specific data using report’s filters.