Cloud based Inventory Management System

Inventory management is made easy for wholesalers and distributors. Controlling and optimizing your stock has never been so simple.

Inventory, stock levels in real time

Stock Levels in Real Time

Track your inventory level, check your forecast per product or per stock location. Use filters if you need more detailed information.
Inventory levels are automatically updated in real time from sales orders and purchase orders.

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Multilocation inventory

Multiple Warehouses

Manage your stock in multiple locations and set bin locations and reorder points per location.

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Product traceability

Product Traceability

Create and track batch numbers (or serial numbers) to: simplify product recalls, monitor expiration dates, meet legal requirements and enhance customer and supplier experience.

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Inventory, reorder point

Reorder Point

Avoid stock-outs by setting up your reorder point in each product and variant.
Don't go below your safety levels, replenish your stock in one click: create purchase orders directly from your reorder reports.

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More Inventory Features to Control and Optimize Your Stock

  • Stock Adjustments: Create stock entry, stock removals or stock movement between locations or update inventory in bulk
  • Manage inventory from multiple stock locations
  • Trace products along the distribution chain using batch / lot / serial numbers and expiry dates
  • Set up bin locations and create picking list for faster order processing at your warehouse
  • Supplier Information: Purchase orders are automatically filled with suppliers’ pricing, discount and addresses
  • Partial Receiving: Easily manage multiple deliveries from your suppliers
  • Grant restrictive access to your warehouse team
  • Check your inventory levels from anywhere on your tablets or phone
  • Bundles have their own inventory levels. Stock of the components are tracked independently
  • Drop Shipping: Get the products shipped directly to your customers from your suppliers
  • Backorders create purchase orders directly from sales orders
  • Manage consignment sale
  • Inventory Valuation by date: Monitor your moving average cost
  • Set your selling price based on your moving average cost
  • Valuable reports help control and optimize your inventory
  • Set up alerts to receive email notifications when your stock is running low