Smart and Fast Product Setup

Easily create and manage all your products, variants and services in one place. erplain has many options to enable you to create any type of product to fit your business.

Products, variants, sku

Create Any Type of Product

Easily manage your product family with variants, such as color, size or material. Add and track all your product information: SKUs, barcodes, description, supplier reference, pictures, reorder points, and more.

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Product pricing levels

Manage Price Levels

Tired of always looking for prices or making mistakes?
With erplain, managing pricing has become a lot easier! You can add a purchase, wholesale or retail price. You can also add price rules depending on attributes, seasons, timing, customers and currencies.
Simply create a new order; erplain will automatically find the matching price.

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Products bundles

Product Bundles or Kits

You can combine multiple products as an assembly or bundle and resell it as a new product. Each part of the bundle and the bundle itself have their own inventory levels. For example, 1 black shirt + 1 black pants + 1 black pair of socks will make a product called “Black Outfit”.

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More Product Management Features

  • Set product prices in multiple currencies
  • Track product stock and reorder points in multiple warehouses
  • Monitor reserved quantity and upcoming quantity per product and location in your stock levels
  • Set up bin locations for each product per warehouse
  • Create services for quoting and invoicing your freelance, consulting or labor work
  • Enter product barcodes for quick order entry
  • Create suppliers’ SKUs that will be used in your purchase orders
  • Get the moving average cost for each variant