Easy and Automated Order Management System

No more back-and-forth in time consuming spreadsheets to update your inventory from your orders. erplain’s order management features automate order processing and update your inventory levels in real-time.

Sales workflow

Automate Your Sales Workflow

In just one click, erplain will generate an invoice from an estimate or a sales order. No more 'copy and paste' from one document to another and no more pricing mistakes in the process.
Moreover, your orders automatically update your stock levels.

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Barcode Support

erplain supports barcode scanners to insert products in your estimates, sales orders, shipping orders and invoices.

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Send Professional-looking Document

erplain will generate and send your PDF documents: estimates, sales orders, shipping orders and invoices. You can customize these documents with your company logo, address, payment information and more.

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More Sales and Order Features to Grow Your Business:

  • Customer Information: Sales documents are automatically filled with customer default pricing, location, discount and addresses
  • Partial Shipment: Easily manage multiple deliveries
  • Drop Shipping: Products are shipped directly to your customers from your suppliers
  • Backorders: Convert sales orders into purchase orders when stock is insufficient
  • Manage consignment sales
  • Create purchase orders directly based on your reorder points.
  • Multiple currencies support
  • Manage product returns, restock and issue a refund or credit note
  • Create product bundles, kits or assemblies
  • Take orders from anywhere on your tablet or phone
  • Grant specific access level to your sales reps for order entry
  • Track your order status for better collaboration with your sales and warehouse teams
  • Keep track of unpaid invoices
  • Create recurring invoices and subscriptions
  • Insightful sales reports