erplain POS is the perfect inventory management and sales management solution for retail and physical stores and boutiques. The POS integrates the entire erplain software in real time to manage the development of your omni-channel strategy.

POS system

Point Of Sale (POS)

Install erplain POS on your tablet or smartphone and start selling in-store. You can scan items and select them directly from the interface. Easy to use, user-friendly and fast - You won't miss out on any sales!

scan barcode with the built in camera to sell from anywhere

Sell Anytime, Anywhere With iPad and iPhone

erplain POS is the perfect solution for managing your sales professionally during trade fairs and events. Synchronize it with the inventory you're putting on exhibit, and sell directly from your stand.

Methods of payment

Accept Different Payment Methods.

Whether your customers pay in cash, by check or by credit card, the POS accepts all payment methods. erplain also automatically calculates the change.

Print receipt

Send or Print Receipts

E-mail the receipt or print it using the cashier terminal.

Omnicanal sales

Integration of Your Omni-Channel Strategy

erplain POS is the ideal tool for wholesalers and distributors looking to also sell their products in physical stores or during events. Thanks to the cashier terminal, you can now sell B2C as well as B2B, and your inventory will be synchronized in real time.

Stock update

Automatically Update Inventory

Your inventory will be updated automatically after each sale and synchronizes with your erplain account. No more risk of making mistakes making sales at different points of sale. Multi-channel management becomes child’s play.

Customer files

Access Customer Records

Edit or create customer contacts directly in the customer records on your erplain account.



Consult your sales figures at any time: Turnover, profit margins.