As a service provider or contractor, you can create estimates and invoices for consulting or labor. In this way, erplain allows you to generate estimates and invoices that include both services and products.

Create a service

Create Types of Services

In addition to products, you can also create services to add them to sales documents. For example, an electrician or a heating engineer generally invoices labor and travel expenses as well as materials.

Add custom services

Add Personalized Products or Services

There are several specific cases in these trades which require customized estimates. When creating a sales document, estimate, service order or invoice, you can easily add an extra line with a blank field where a more precise description of the service can be added.

Invoice labor

Invoice for Time or Labor

Thanks to the services feature, you can invoice for time spent or quantities provided. For example, if you create a service for 1 hour of repairs and maintenance, If you spend 2 hours 30 with a customer, you specify 2.5 for the quantity.

Notes in sales document

Add or Attach Notes

Certain transactions or fields of activity require compulsory information. Add all the information required for invoicing a jobsite or for the work done in the intended “notes” section.


Subscriptions and Recurring Invoices

erplain allows you to generate monthly subscriptions or recurrent invoices. Select the invoicing cycle and the subscription period, and invoices will then be generated automatically.

QuickBooks logo

Integration of QuickBooks Online

As an entrepreneur, tradesman or business owner of a very small business, you also need to manage your accounts and finances. erplain can be perfectly and quickly integrated with QuickBooks for the complete management of your company.