erplain enables you to manage your wholesale activities. Thanks to the software’s numerous sector-specific features, your business will quickly increase its productivity and profitability.


Estimates and Sales Processes

Create estimates for business proposals. Depending on the customer’s answer, accept the estimate and create a sales order or an invoice directly, or simply decline it.

Sales terms and conditions

Payment Terms

Specify the general terms and conditions of sale, such as payment deadlines, lump sum payments or collection costs. They will then show up on all of your sales documents. If needed, the general terms and conditions of sale can be unique to a specific sale or customer.

Pack of 10 products

Composition of Packs of Products

As a wholesaler or distributor, you may sell products in greater quantities. For this, you can create packs of products. For example, if you sell screws, you could either ship them in packs of 100 or in boxes of 500. You could create these two types of packs and include them in your sales documents.

Price levels

Retail and Wholesale Prices

Three price levels exist for each product: purchase price, wholesale price and recommended retail price. erplain automatically fills out the correct price when creating the document based on the customer profile. Likewise, if the customer gets a discount, they will be automatically added to estimates and invoices.

Specific Pricing Conditions

If you prefer more specific pricing, simply create price rules. When the pricing conditions have been filled in when creating a sales document, the rules will be selected and the price will be automatically inserted.

Sales force access

Set Up Restricted Access for Your Sales Force

Your salespeople will only have access to their customer portfolio. See sales reports depending on account manager to analyze their sales performance and easily calculate their commission. Your sales team can generate orders from anywhere 24 hours a day, as erplain can be accessed from a telephone, tablet or computer.