erplain offers a wide range of features for simplifying warehouse management and order processing.


Warehouse Management System (WMS)

erplain is equipped with several WMS features, such as product location or order preparation lists to enable you to simplify warehouse management, even on small scales.

Multiple locations

Manage Several Storage Sites

Add as many storage sites or warehouses as desired. Track your inventory with precision in each location and set specific locations and reorder points for each storage location.

Inventory movements

Track Inventory Movements

Track stock entries and stock removals, and transfer merchandise from one location to another.

Low stock alerts

Alerts & Notifications

Receive e-mail alerts when your inventory is too low. These notifications will allow you to avoid stock-outs and losing customers to competitors.

Order processing

Order Processing

Easily create customer sales orders or delivery orders using the corresponding picking list to simplify the preparation and shipping of orders.

Partial shipment

Partial Shipments

Ship partial orders without waiting for the order to be completed. erplain will automatically calculate the quantities remaining when creating the next delivery order. The same applies to the delivery of orders from suppliers - Just input the quantities received of a partial shipment so that your inventory level always stays up-to-date.

Barcode scanner

Barcode Scanner

Simplify shipments to your warehouses from your suppliers using the barcode scanner. Your inventory will be updated instantly and you’ll be able to create sales documents.

Delivery and handling

Delivery and Handling Costs

Input customer order delivery and handling costs. Input the amount when creating estimates, sales orders or invoices.

Product return

Issue Product Returns, Refunds and Credit Notes

Process your product returns including the replacement of the returned items in your stock. Then, generate a credit note or a refund for your customer.

Order status tracking

Order Tracking

Check the progress of your orders - what’s been shipped, invoiced and paid - in the blink of an eye. Your team can also collaborate more efficiently thanks to the shipping status of each order.

Warehouse team

Dedicated Access to Software

Grant restricted access to your warehouse team. This will enable them to process orders which are ready for shipping while having access to all the essential information they need to work.


Analyze Sales and Inventory

erplain offers multiple types of reports and dashboards to enable you to analyze data about each storage site: reserved, sold and shipped products for your different warehouses and inventory valorization.