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My first product

The last step before creating your first order is to create a product or service. A Product is a physical good, something you can see or touch. A Service is intangible, such as an hour of labor.

You can also watch a short tutorial video in our Videos section.

Below are the steps needed to create a product or a service:

  • Click on the menu 'Products and Services' menu then '+ Product' or '+ Service'

  • Here you can type your product name, description and upload pictures:

  • Enter the pricing

  • Enter the product's inventory information

  • You can also create your product variants directly from this new product form, this step is optional but recommended if you are going to create variants. Sometimes the same product is available in different styles or types. For example, you might sell shoes in a number of different sizes, or a table in different materials. You can customize your Options and Attributes in 'Settings' > 'Variants Attributes'. One variant cannot have more than 3 different attributes. Select or Create your Attributes

  • Your product variants combination will be created automatically:

  • Save

To learn more about creating a product or service, go to products and services.