Inventory and order management software for your small business

The trusted co-pilot for business owners

Erplain is an online inventory and order management system that automates the creation of sales orders, invoices, and purchase orders while updating inventory in real time.


Your Automated Solution for Wholesalers and Distributors

  • Manage your business efficiently with a flexible sales workflow: Create your sales orders from estimates, or invoices from sales orders, while your inventory is updated in real time.
  • Quickly identify products that are running low and easily reorder them by emailing your purchase orders to your suppliers, directly from erplain.
  • Increase your profits with real-time sales and inventory reports.
  • Create your own B2B Store : your customer can place and track orders 24/7.
Order Entry

Easy Order Management System

  • Create sales orders in seconds, from a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Eliminate order entry errors by scanning barcodes and assigning price levels to your customers.
  • Collaborate with your team by sharing your stock levels and assigning permissions for each member, including your account reps.
  • Generate and email your PDF documents in one click.
Advanced Features

Powerful Inventory Management Features for Better Inventory Control

  • Get an accurate picture of your stock levels, while sales orders reserve your inventory.
  • Monitor stock levels across multiple locations.
  • Setup wholesale & retail price levels with advanced price rules.
  • Trace products using batch / lot numbers and expiry dates.
  • Support for bundles and kitting.
  • Turbocharge your B2B sales with a B2B ecommerce platform.

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Why Small Business Owners Love Erplain

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“I have to say that Erplain has been a very welcome surprise. It is intuitive and the support staff has been responsive when called upon.”

Jeff, J2 Light


“This app is perfect to help your business grow, and acquire a more professional inventory and orders process!

Kevin, Lanvain Design


“Erplain was super easy to set up and get started. All of my employees got up to speed very quickly as it is a snap to learn.

Andrew, Pac West Marketing


“Erplain has helped reign in our inventory, streamline our orders & invoicing process, and centralize a ton of data.

Dennis, Made With Love Wellness


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Streamline Your Order Management

Create your sales orders and invoices in seconds while your inventory is updated in real time
  • Order Creation

    An easy and agile way to enable your team to create estimates, sales orders and invoices
    + more
    • Account manager access
    • User permissions
    • Barcode scanning
    • Sales workflow
  • Order Management

    Advanced order features to automate your sales process and provide outstanding service to your customers
    + more
    • Generate and email your PDF orders
    • Order fulfillment and partial shipment
    • B2B Store : ecommerce plateform
    • Backorders
    • Returns, refunds and credit notes
  • Powerful Insights

    Real-time sales reports to help you make better decisions and grow your business
    + more
    • Sales reports
    • Invoice payment tracking
    • Order progress tracking
    • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
    • Best sellers
  • Flexible Product Setup

    Easy product creation with many setup options to adapt to your business
    + more
    • SKUs, variants and attributes
    • Barcodes
    • Price levels
    • Price rules
    • Kitting, bundling and assembling
    • Multi-currency
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Track Your Inventory in Real Time

Easy inventory management across your wholesale/distribution channels and stock locations
  • Real-time Updates from your Orders

    Seamless integration with your sales and purchase orders to update your inventory in real time
    + more
    • Orders integration
    • Purchase orders
    • Backorders
    • Partial receiving
  • Multiple Stock Locations

    One central system to manage your inventory across multiple locations
    + more
    • Multiple warehouses and inventory locations
    • Sales consignment
    • User permissions for warehouse staff
    • Bin locations
    • Picking list for fast order processing
  • Inventory Control and Stock Optimization

    Real-time and accurate stock levels to optimize your inventory and avoid stock-outs
    + more
    • Inventory levels reports
    • Stock adjustments
    • Reorder points
    • Purchase orders
    • Partial receiving
  • Real-time Insights

    Track your costs and seasonality to increase your profits and help you forecast better
    + more
    • Inventory valuation
    • Moving average cost
    • Profit and margin reports
    • Seasonality
Track your inventory

Inventory Management for QuickBooks Online or Shopify

Add more powerful features to QuickBooks Online or Shopify, such as multiple locations, sales orders and price levels
  • Deep Integration with QuickBooks Online

    Smart integration with QuickBooks Online to get the best of accounting and the best of inventory management
    + more
    • Multiple locations support
    • Reserve your stock with sales orders
    • Price levels
    • Price rules
    • Bundles and kitting
  • Seamless Shopify Integration

    Centralize your wholesale business and your eCommerce site with Shopify and erplain
    + more
    • Multiple locations support
    • Price levels
    • Purchase orders
    • Shopify POS support
Save time, drive efficiencies
Automate your inventory management processes - everything from sales orders and invoices to purchases. erplain is a better and user-friendly way to operate and grow your business.
Collaborate with your team
Get your team working with the same data to drastically increase productivity and efficiency. erplain is multi-user and cloud based, allowing you to access it from your office, home, or anywhere in the world.
Improve customer satisfaction
When you’re juggling multiple spreadsheets, it is easy for mistakes to happen. Out of stock items and inconsistent pricing are costly errors, especially to your customer service rating.