How does Waat Distribution manage a multi-channel business with Shopify and Erplain?

“Erplain offered a 14-day free trial but I was convinced after 24 hours only!”

Activity: Sports Brand Distributors
Employees: 3

Created by a professional triathlete, Camille DONAT, Waat Distribution is a company distributing 3 international brands dedicated to triathlon on the French market. Her small business manages a large quantity of stock. Trading through different distribution channels including two Shopify websites, Waat Distribution sells to both professionals but also end-users. They have recently acquired a new warehouse and a showroom!

Camille Donat
Interview with Camille Donat, founder of Waat Distribution

What are your main challenges as an entrepreneur?

Multi-brand, multi-currency, multi-channel management – I manage 3 brands including two American brands and a Belgian one. I purchase in the United States, in England and Belgium which requires handling of 3 currencies! Moreover, I sell via Shopify websites, in stores and in booths during sporting events.

“Before Erplain, I lost sales several times! Operating through different sales channels, inventory was never accurate and updated in real time.”

Customer satisfaction – Above all, customer is the key to success! We should always look for new customers and ensure that they are satisfied to increase their loyalty. With that in mind, it is crucial that products are available, replenished and delivered on time!

Lack of time – I always feel like I'm doing things urgently but I would like to be able to delve deeper into certain issues and spend more time improving client follow-up and developing the business.

“Excel was not a solution anymore! Erplain changed my life.”
Stnd hub triathlon

What made you choose Erplain?

First, I used Excel but it quickly became a nightmare! I tested other solutions but it did not meet my needs at all. With Erplain, it was easy. I checked the solution was integrating with Shopify, I tested it and became obvious it was the solution I needed so I adopted it immediately.

“The software is directly connected to Shopify and is really easy to use!”

How has Erplain helped you?

Internal collaboration – This allows my team to edit invoices more easily. Before, we had to share a file on Dropbox with a constant update of the data to avoid errors.

Better visibility of the business – I can quickly check my sales per month, per week or per customer. It gives me an overview that makes my day-to-day management easier and more precise.

“I can track my margin and my profits, it and realize if I fall asleep!”

Time saving – I used to deal with 3 different Excel files and enter all customer details each time to generate an invoice, now it takes 2 seconds only.

Business development – We are a very small company and the optimization of inventory management allows me to better meet my customer needs and focus on sales development.

“Erplain's customer service is efficient. The team always answered me quickly and it's really reassuring.”

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