Erplain, Stockpit: What are the differences between these two solutions?


Erplain and Stockpit are two software solutions specialized in inventory management.

While Erplain is a complete business management software (handling inventory, sales, and purchases) capable of acting alone and independently, Stockpit is an inventory management module that complements another invoicing or accounting software.

Addressing distinct business needs, let's explain in detail the differences to facilitate your choice.

Erplain: Complete Business Management

B2B inventory and sales management software enabling:

  • Automation of business management
  • Optimization of purchases
  • Centralization of inventory
  • Development of B2B e-commerce

Why choose Erplain?

  • Complete B2B sales cycle: quotes, purchase orders, shipping orders, invoices
  • Precise visibility of inventory: traceability, product variants, assemblies, inventory valuation...
  • Streamlined reorders: sales orders, reorder points, alerts
  • Advanced pricing and price levels for different types of customers or products
  • B2B e-commerce platform to facilitate ordering for professional clients
  • App integrations: Shopify and QuickBooks Online

Stockpit: Inventory Management Module

Inventory management module connected to an invoicing software enabling:

  • Inventory valuation (using FIFO, LIFO, MAC)
  • Regaining control of inventory
  • Purchasing and reserving products
  • Real-time synchronization of data

Why choose Stockpit?

  • Real-time tracking of goods entering and leaving multiple stock locations
  • Automatic update of inventory from sales made in the invoicing software
  • Addition of advanced features: inventory status, kits and assemblies, traceability (coming soon), product valuation
  • Stockpit connects to QuickBooks Online (more integrations will follow)

Who are Stockpit and Erplain intended for?

Whether it's startups, small businesses, SMBs, merchants, artisans, wholesalers, etc. These are businesses ranging from 0 to 20 employees with inventory to manage, primarily operating in the B2B sector.

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Stockpit or Erplain: Which one is right for me?

Are you an SMB, or do you work for one (accountant, consultant, or integrator)?

Are you looking for an inventory management tool? Good news: Both Stockpit and Erplain offer advanced features to effectively manage your inventory.

To help you choose the best solution for your business, we assist you in analyzing your specific needs.

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