Erplain's rebranding: The story behind it


Erplain’s history

Created in 2016 by two brothers wanting to help their sister with her distribution business, Erplain has gained customers in over 50 countries in just 6 years. Thousands of small businesses rely on Erplain for their inventory and B2B sales management. We partner with rising stars apps, such as QuickBooks and Shopify, to offer our customers an all-in-one solution for their needs. We plan on integrating more amazing partnerships in the future.

Today, the Erplain team is excited to announce a significant change in our visual identity.

Why did we decide to rebrand?

The software industry is experiencing a period of rapid transformation. We felt it was essential to refresh our brand to better align with our vision, and also reassert the purpose of our app, while remaining faithful to our values and to small business owners (SMBs).

quote erplain cofounders

Reinforcing our core values and our raison d’être

Smaller companies represent about 90% of all businesses worldwide*. Yet, smaller enterprises are not well served.

“On the market, it was quickly obvious that very few systems offer an affordable solution to respond to small businesses’ pain points. From the very beginning, Erplain was intended as an answer for SMBs that have trouble managing their inventory and orders. We will always put their needs first, as they are at the heart of our decisions.” Arnaud, Erplain's co-founder.

For that reason, Erplain’s core values align with the challenges that small businesses face: To simplify inventory and B2B sales management.

Erplain is evolving to keep pace with our clients on the path to success. Our purpose is to provide SMB owners with the right solution, ensuring:

  • Affordability: We know small businesses are often on a tight budget, which is why Erplain will always remain affordable.
  • Availability: We want Erplain to be accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time.
  • Intuitiveness: We offer an automated, time-saving solution that’s easy to use.

Erplain brings together worldwide entrepreneurs on a single platform to better manage their inventory and B2B sales, and boost their growth.

*Source: World Economic Forum

Introducing our new logo!

We are thrilled to introduce our new brand identity, which reflects our commitment to innovation, creativity, and growth. Our new logo and color palette are designed to be modern and sleek, representing our forward-thinking and dynamic approach to business.

gif animation logo erplain

For Erplain’s graphic identity, we wanted to take you higher. Erplain seals its brand by reaffirming the existing ‘airplane’ logo with flying lines and a more dynamic, colorful design. A symbol that conveys simplicity, reassurance, and efficiency. The rising gestures of the logo embody Erplain’s mission to guide entrepreneurs toward the success of their business.

erplain new colors

A palette of brighter colors symbolizes entrepreneurship:

  • Yellow for energy
  • Orange for optimism and dynamism
  • Red for passion and power

These are what drives any entrepreneur.

new logo erplain

Its propelling shape: There are 3 wings coming together to form a plane, each of them symbolize:

  • Entrepreneurs: Passionate small businesses owners looking to launch their dream project
  • Businesses: Small companies, relentlessly reaching towards growth
  • Erplain: An innovative and empowering tool for small businesses

By putting the 3 together, this enhanced collaboration results in a powerful takeoff. These 3 wings, combined with the 3 colors, are the solid foundations for business growth.

quote edouard Erplain

A telling tagline

In addition to an all-new logo, Erplain reveals its new brand tagline, which reasserts the app’s purpose:

Erplain new tagline

How our product reflects our values

With Erplain’s new brand identity comes software that’s more powerful than ever, perfectly suited to the needs of B2B businesses across the globe.

Real-time updated inventory, in-depth sales reports and an e-commerce B2B platform are just a few of the numerous advanced features that Erplain offers small businesses.

This new identity embodies intuitiveness, efficiency and simplicity.

Intuitiveness because Erplain is an easy-to-use solution. In addition to a user-friendly interface, everything is centralized on a single dashboard, accessible 24/7, anywhere.

Efficiency because automation is at the core of Erplain’s features. It saves time for both entrepreneurs and their clients by conducting repetitive tasks that are usually performed by humans, who are regularly prone to mistakes.

Simplicity because Erplain is very easy to implement and use. It helps small businesses become more profitable and more organized. This means business managers can finally focus on other essential elements.

Erplain’s evolution is only made possible thanks to our users, entrepreneurs and SMB owners. These people are part of our DNA. We’re dedicated to meeting their needs throughout this ever-changing digital world, adjusting our product as technology and users progress to the next level.

quote erplain

Erplain's rebranding embodies our vision for performance. Our new brand identity embraces modernity with a warm, friendly, and reassuring touch.

We’re excited for the future as we’ll be sharing more news! New collaborations, new partnerships, new releases, and a new web page are on the way. Stay tuned!

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