Explore New Possibilities with Erplain's Latest Features


At Erplain, we are continuously striving to enhance our solution to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce Erplain's latest features, designed to provide an even more efficient and seamless user experience, empowering you to maximize revenue and effectively manage your business.

These new features are now available in Erplain:​

  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): If you wish not to sell a product below a certain quantity, it is possible to define a Minimum Order Quantity. Learn more.
  • Minimum Order Value (MOV): Specify a minimum order value for each customer, allowing only sales reaching this threshold to be valid (estimates, sales orders, or invoices). Learn more.
  • Kits: In addition to using the sum of the price of its components, you can now assign a specific price to each kit, providing you with complete pricing flexibility. Learn more.
  • Packagings (replacing Packs): Packagings will replace existing packs, and allow products to be bought or sold in various quantities. For instance, you can purchase a product in boxes of 100 and sell the same product in boxes of 10. It also facilitates defining "by sales unit" when a product is not sold individually. Learn more.

Exciting Updates on Erplain's B2B Store!

In recent months, the B2B Store has become an essential part of Erplain for our clients. To enhance order management and streamline the customer ordering process, we have incorporated numerous features:

  • Order Minimums (amounts and quantities). Learn more.
  • Automatic Order Confirmation Email: Customers receive a confirmation email as soon as they place an order (if enabled).
  • Automatic Order Validation upon Receipt: Orders are automatically validated upon receipt, followed by the creation of the associated invoice (if enabled). Learn more.
  • B2B Store Access Request (optional): Enable customers to request access to your B2B Store directly from the login page. Learn more.
  • Packagings: Publish only the packaging and not its individual product to the B2B Store, allowing you to sell products in specific quantities and not by the unit. Learn more.
  • Simultaneous Invitation of Multiple Clients to your B2B Store. Learn more.
  • Private Message on your B2B Store: Communicate specific information to your customers through a private message.
  • Recommended Selling Price Displayed for Each Product (optional).
  • Automatic Redirect to Invoice for Payment (via Stripe): Customers can automatically be redirected to the invoice for payment.
  • SMTP Configuration for Client Invitations: Send invitations to your customers to access your B2B Store through your own SMTP server.
  • Restocking Date Information: Notify your customers about the expected date for the next availability of your products.
  • Adding Documents to the "About" Page of your B2B Store. Learn more.
  • Online Catalog Option: Disable customer ordering, transforming your store into an online catalog.
  • Order and Invoice History Display Option.
  • Total Stock Quantity Displayed across all Stock Locations.
  • Shipping Costs: Automatically apply the same shipping costs as the previous customer order.

If you need assistance using these new features, detailed explanations can be found in our Help Center.

logo B2B Store

IMPORTANT: Packagings are replacing existing Packs to add new features and possibilities. Unlike Packs, with Packagings, you can have a SKU, a description, barcodes, tags, images and other product categories (season, brand, etc.).  Another major benefit is that you can now use Packagings for products with batch tracking enabled.

As for B2B Store users, you can now publish the Packaging on the B2B Store and not its underlying product (unit product). This is very useful when you don't want to sell a product by the unit but only but 50 for example.

To ensure uninterrupted usage of Erplain and prevent errors in your orders and invoices, we are unable to automatically migrate packs to Packagings. It is therefore crucial that you create new Packagings as soon as possible. Packs will be removed from Erplain in the upcoming weeks.

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