B2B E-Commerce

Easily Increase Your B2B Sales

Turbocharge your B2B sales and provide your business customers with an exclusive online store for self-service ordering. The benefits include customized products and pricing for each customer, along with a sales cycle specifically designed for B2B transactions.
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No more Back-And-Forth With Customers

Increase customer orders by empowering them with greater autonomy in the ordering process

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Enhanced Accuracy and Efficiency in Order Entry

Streamline your sales process and minimize errors by automating the creation of sales orders and shipping orders

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An Online Store Tailored To Fit Your Needs

Offer personalized products and pricing by granting individual access to each customer

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Customize Your Online Store to Reflect Your Brand Image

Create a store featuring your logo and brand colors.
Create a homepage that will instantly engage customers with your brand.
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Tailor Your Store's Content for a Personalized Shopping Experience

Set up several pricing levels and different sales terms according to your customers.
Configure your product lists to display specific categories or highlight your top-selling items for your customers.
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Streamline Sales Processes For Peak Performance

Simplify work for your teams, allowing them more time to nurture business relationships and reducing time spent on administrative tasks.
Centralize your orders: B2B Store + additional channels.
Incorporate Stripe for faster payments.
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Centralize and Update Your Stock Levels in Real Time

Keep a close eye on your stock levels.
Provide customers with real-time visibility into your precise inventory status.
Consolidate and anticipate your replenishment needs.
Enhance the Customer Experience to the Fullest

Advantages For Your Customers

Browsing and viewing products by category, price, brand and season
Tracking order history and payment status
Placing orders and replenishing 24/7
Real-time filtering of product availability to streamline purchasing
Paying for invoices online with Stripe
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How To Get Started

Activate your B2B Store in your Erplain account.
Customize your B2B Store with your brand's style guide, including colors and logo.
Define various settings such as products, price levels, payment methods, and more.
Invite your customers to access your B2B Store.
Share the B2B Store Guide with your customers to inform them about the benefits and simplicity of the Store.
Erplain’s B2B Store is very good to use, it's
explanatory as you go along. It's more than
affordable and it's stable. Would I vouch for it?
Drew Johnson
General Manager, Cuore
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The wholesale e-commerce platform is super easy to use. We’re very happy with it.
Operations Manager, Coast Mountain Collective
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