Inventory management software

Track your Inventory in Real Time

Manage your goods flow, stock inputs and outputs, across all your storage locations. Your inventory levels are immediately updated from customer and supplier orders.
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Instant Visibility by Storage Location

Track your inventory in real time across all your storage locations

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Say Goodbye to Stock-outs

Set up reorder points and replenish with a single click

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Auto Synchronization of Orders and Inventory

Real-time inventory updates with every purchase or sale

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Product traceability

Track Batch Numbers and Expiration Dates

Automate batch entries
Minimize loss and waste with expiration date tracking
Ensure compliance with legal requirements by tracing your products
Streamline product return processes
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reporting and insights

Maximize Your Inventory with Detailed Reports

Improve your cash flow with comprehensive reports to optimize your inventory
Get your inventory valuation in real time and by date
Enhance your performance by analyzing the Cost of Goods Sold, margins, and markup rates
Identify top customers and best-selling products by storage location, sales force, or other customizable data
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Erplain is the perfect solution for a small business like ours. Our specific need is to track batch numbers and expiration dates across multiple storage locations. With its efficiency, simplicity, and adaptability, Erplain provides an intuitive and ideal solution.
Vivien Hugues
General Manager, DimedCare
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Erplain helps me manage expiration dates and keep track of batches, saving time on inventory management and simplifying the stock replenishment process.
Back Office Manager, YOOM
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Erplain provides small businesses with a reliable solution for long-term management success.
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