Simplify Payments with Stripe

Enhance your payment process by offering your customers the option to conveniently settle their invoices online with Stripe, resulting in improved payment efficiency and reduced instances of outstanding balances.
Stripe Erplain integration
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Why Connect Stripe and Erplain

Simplify your customers' payments
Give your customers the flexibility to choose from various payment methods, including credit card and bank transfer (availability may vary based on your Stripe account type and location)
Optimize your cash flow and mitigate payment delays and defaults
Erplain x Stripe

Accept Online Payments

Installation Guide
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Simplify Customer Payments

Easily send payment links for your invoices: in just one click, your clients can conveniently make their payments online.
Offer payment flexibility to your customers by providing them with various payment options.
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Reduce Unpaid Invoices and Customer Follow-ups

By providing flexible payment options, reduce payment delays.
Reducing unpaid invoices leads to improved cash flow, time savings, and fewer customer follow-ups.


How do I connect Erplain and Stripe?
To connect to your Erplain account, go to the “Applications" tab in the left-hand menu and click on “Connect with Stripe." You will then be able to create a Stripe account.
Can I use an existing Stripe account?
No, you cannot use an existing Stripe account with Erplain. You will need to create a new Stripe account specifically for connecting it to your Erplain account.

For more information on how to use Erplain with Stripe, check out the documentation on our Help Center, or submit a ticket to contact us.

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