Spend more time selling, less time managing inventory

Inventory and order management software for small businesses

Save time, drive efficiencies
Automate your inventory management processes - everything from sales orders and invoices to purchases. erplain is a better and user-friendly way to operate and grow your business.
Collaborate with your team
Get your team working with the same data to drastically increase productivity and efficiency. erplain is multi-user and cloud based, allowing you to access it from your office, home, or anywhere in the world.
Improve customer satisfaction
When you’re juggling multiple spreadsheets, it is easy for mistakes to happen. Out of stock items and inconsistent pricing are costly errors, especially to your customer service rating.

See erplain in action

We chose erplain for our distribution business and it's been an easy choice. I've used 6 different systems over the past 8 years, and all had to be abandoned due to bloat, terrible user acceptance, and high cost. erplain has been able to boil down the essential features with a very good interface which makes the learning curve very low, allowing my employees to do their job faster and with better access to useable information.

Richard Stephens, cellpoint sytems

We are running a boat yard in the Caribbean with a hydraulic workshop and wanted an inventory system that also produced invoices. I looked online at various options and erplain seemed to tick all the boxes. I can't recommend erplain highly enough, it's so easy to use, the invoices can be created quickly and immediately emailed to the client.

Alexandra Harbord, Office Manager at JBS ST BARTH


Automatically create invoices from estimates & sales orders

Keep track of unpaid invoices

Easily manage multiple deliveries

Create recurring invoices or subscriptions

Backorders will convert sales orders into purchase orders

Instantly generate and send PDF documents

Multiple currencies support

Create product bundles or kits

Barcodes scanners support

Manage user permissions


Sales and purchases update stock levels in real time

Create stock adjustments: entry, removal or movement

Manage inventory from multiple locations

Avoid stock-outs using re-order points

Forecast inventory levels to sell and buy more efficiently

Use backorders to convert your sales orders into purchase orders


Your contacts in one place

Track customers and suppliers' orders

Access from anywhere

Share with your team

Categorize customers with tags

Powerful search engine to find information quickly