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What is erplain?

We’re so glad you asked! erplain is an inventory management platform that lets small distributors and wholesalers operate in a more agile and efficient manner, freed from the tedious spreadsheets that once held them captive. We help small businesses in 26 countries say goodbye to the time-consuming processes that make inventory management painful and riddled with mistakes.
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How did erplain come to be?

erplain’s story is the classic tale of a clever entrepreneur who decided to take matters into his own hands and solve his own challenges using a bit of technology and a lot of ingenuity: when Edouard was working for a small distributor in France, he created some Excel macros to automate some inventory management processes. For a while, the spreadsheets worked, but Edouard realized there had to be a more efficient and modern way to automate his inventory and order management. Teaming up with his brother, the men went to work developing erplain, for the greater good of small businesses everywhere. Two years later, a star was born.

Our mission is straightforward: we want to provide a flexible service that can be accessed from anywhere on any computer, tablet or smartphone to make it easier for small distributors and wholesalers to do business. With erplain, you can focus on selling your inventory, rather than managing it! Just imagine what you could accomplish with all that extra time . . .