What we stand for

Thanks to technology, small companies should have tools that are similar to those used by large companies. Our team's mission is to support them throughout their technological transition, which should benefit them without monopolizing their time.

erplain is an innovative and user-friendly
online inventory and order management software
designed for small businesses

Customers in 42 countries and still growing

Affordable pricing
English & French
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Grenoble, FRANCE

Located in Grenoble FRANCE and in Toronto CANADA for a better proximity to our clients.

Toronto, CANADA

What our team strives for

Our team constantly makes every efforts to ensure the software continues to meet customer expectations. erplain offers a solution combining performance as well as ease of use with:

  • A robust and safe platform
  • An ever more intuitive and accessible interface
  • Many more features


"No one needs to be an expert in technology to use erplain. My mission is to provide small businesses with software services to enable them to help grow their business!

Edouard, Co-founder

"Our customers are a source of inspiration and keep us moving forward every day. My interactions with entrepreneurs and their creative energy is what makes me get up in the morning with the desire to bring them more resources to use."

Arnaud, Co-founder

Collaborations with valued partners for a comprehensive business management solution

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How it all began

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erplain’s story is the classic tale of a clever entrepreneur who decided to solve his own challenges using a bit of technology and a lot of ingenuity: when Edouard was working for a small distributor in France, he created some Excel macros to automate some inventory management processes.

After a while, he realized there had to be a more efficient and modern way to automate his inventory and order management.
Teaming up with his brother, the men went to work developing erplain, for the greater good of small businesses everywhere.

Plenty of resources and advice frequently updated to simplify your inventory management and answer your questions.