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Is Erplain suitable for my business ?
  • For which industries does Erplain work best?

    Many SMB owners believe they need to be a bigger company to justify acquiring an inventory and order management system. No matter your company size, this type of software will be greatly beneficial to your business growth.
    Erplain is the perfect fit for companies with inventory and order management needs for most industries. We have customers in various industries: medical supplies, industrial, construction, food & beverage, motorsports, fashion & accessories, sport & leisure...

  • Is Erplain suitable if I am an eCommerce business?

    Erplain works with Shopify, an eCommerce solution that lets you create online store. Thanks to this integration, pursuing a successful multichannel strategy is easier. It is essential to have your data centralized and updated in real time, as well as to be able to track your orders, returns and deliveries in one place.

  • Is Erplain suitable if I am a maker or manufacturer?

    With Erplain you can combine multiple products or components to create an assembly or a kit (for example, a bicycle is made of 2 wheels, a fork, a seat, a chain…). 
    However, Erplain doesn’t support production processes such as job costing, work in progress or wastage expense.

  • Is Erplain suitable if I rent materials?

    Erplain doesn’t currently support the needs of businesses renting out equipment. We will consider adding scheduling / returns features if we receive many requests ;-)

  • Is Erplain suitable if I am a contractor?

    Erplain counts many contractors among its customers, especially in the construction or home design area. They use erplain to manage their supplies, create estimates, invoices and include labour / services. Erplain helps them modernize their business by offering clear and professional documents for their customers, and by decreasing the number of mistakes made.

Inventory and Order Management Software Benefits
  • Why should I use an inventory and order management software?

    Thanks to its automation and synchronisation in real time, an inventory and order management solution helps you: boost your sales, save time, avoid making mistakes, improve your team collaboration, be more competitive and productive and, of course, improve customer satisfaction.

  • How can Erplain help my business?

    An inventory and order management software like Erplain will boost your business and competitiveness by automating processes and giving you a better overview of your business in real time,. 
    With Erplain, you will: 

    • Save time, drive efficiencies
    • Improve customer satisfaction
    • Improve collaboration with your team
    • Avoid costly inventory mistakes 
Integration partners : QuickBooks Online and Shopify
  • Can I connect Erplain to my QuickBooks Online account?

    Yes, Erplain has a deep integration with QuickBooks Online and your data will synchronize between the two systems seamlessly. These two software brought together will give you the best tools to manage efficiently and successfully your business.

  • Why should I sync Erplain and QuickBooks Online?

    Streamline your inventory and purchase processes: add powerful inventory and order management features to QuickBooks to manage and optimize your stock and purchases.
    Transform your quotes (estimates) into sales orders to reserve your stock and avoid selling inventory already allocated to a customer.
    Data synchronisation between Erplain and QuickBooks Online is easy and quick: your products, customers, suppliers, quotes, invoices and purchase orders are synchronised in real time. Importing your data from QuickBooks Online to erplain only takes a couple of minutes.

  • Does Erplain work with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop?

    Erplain integrates with QuickBooks Online to bring additional inventory and order management features that are lacking in the Online version (batch tracking, serial number, multiple stock locations, multiple price levels…).
    Erplain cannot be connected to QuickBooks Desktop / Enterprise.

  • Can I connect my e-commerce website to Erplain?

    Erplain integrates seamlessly with Shopify, the leading cloud-based e-commerce solution. Hence, you can connect your online store built with Shopify to Erplain. Data will sync between the two solutions and you’ll be able to manage your inventory from one place, letting you developing a multi-channel strategy that includes several warehouses and sales locations.

Account creation
  • What do I need to run Erplain?

    You simply need a device that connects to the Internet. Beyond that, you don’t need to install anything, you don’t require a fancy computer to run the software, and you’ll never have to do any maintenance or backing up. It’s that simple!

  • How much does Erplain cost?

    Choose the right subscription for your business among our 3 plans. erplain’s pricing is affordable and suitable to SMBs. There are no hidden fees with Erplain, everything is included: no set-up fee and no additional cost for maintenance or updates.
    See our pricing and available plans here: https://www.erplain.com/en/pricing

    Payments can be processed in Euro or USD Dollar, and on a monthly or yearly basis.

  • Are there any discounts?

    Heck yes there are! If you choose a yearly plan, you will save 20% just for paying up front. You can switch from a monthly plan to yearly payment at any time to get 20% off.

  • What if I want to cancel my account?

    We’d be sad to see you leave but we’re all about freedom at erplain, so we let you cancel or suspend your account at any time. If you decide to cancel and delete your account, all your data will be removed from our servers, but you can export your data into spreadsheet-compatible formats on your way out.

  • Can I have additional users?

    Absolutely! You already have 1 or more users included in your subscription (depending on your subscription). You can add as many users as you need. Each additional user will be charged based on your subscription.
    See our pricing and available plans here: www.erplain.com/en/pricing

  • How does the order limit work?

    An order is a transaction with a customer (Estimate, Sales Order or Invoice) or a supplier (Purchase Order). Additional orders are charged $25/month in increments of 500 orders.

First Steps
  • Do I need to be an expert in IT to setup and use Erplain?

    Erplain combines performance with customer’s experience. This online software is extremely easy to use and the setup is quick and smooth. Erplain comes with many powerful features that you’ll master in no time. 
    In just a few clicks, you and your team will start navigating Erplain like pros.

  • How do I import my data?

    It is easy and quick to import your customers, suppliers and products in Erplain from a CSV file. Spreadsheets like Excel or Google Sheets support CSV files. Click here to learn more about importing data.

  • How do I create my first products?

    Create products is easy and it is necessary to generate a quote, sales order, invoice or purchase order. Thanks to Erplain’s intuitive interface, it is fast and simple to create a product and its variants if there are any (sizes, colors, materials…). 
    You can also easily import an existing product list to Erplain with the help of a CSV file.

Erplain features
  • What are Eplain’s features?

    Many powerful features are available in Erplain to optimize your inventory and order management. Hence you can:

    • Track your inventory in real time
    • Optimize your purchases
    • Manage your orders and boost your sales

    Get a product tour and discover all features in more details: www.erplain.com/en/pricing

  • How does Erplain help improving products availability?

    When you create a new sales order (or generate your sales order from a quote), Erplain will automatically reserve these products and the available stock level will be decreased. No more inventory mistakes like selling the same product multiple times and avoid customer satisfaction issues.
    For each product, set a reorder point to restock before your product is out-of-stock.

  • Can I export my data from Erplain?

    Definitely! As a reminder, your data in erplain is your own and you can export any time. Exporting your data is also helpful to perform additional data analysis that erplain reports might not offer, or to share data with stakeholders or another app. 
    Export generates CSV files or XLSX spreadsheets.

  • Does Erplain support several price levels?

    Yes, you can add a purchase price, a wholesale price and a retail price for each product. You can also create price rules to determine a price depending on the seasons, characteristics, customers, currency or more.

  • Is my data secure?

    Security and privacy of your data is a high priority for us. All entries are stored on protected servers with multiple scheduled backup each day.

    We also work with third-party security specialists to perform regular security review on our platform to prevent any breaches, data thefts or scams.

  • Does erplain have an API?

    Erplain's APIs are currently in beta. Once this feature is ready to launch, it will be charged as an add-on of our current pricing plans. Pricing has not yet been finalized.

    Our APIs are currently only available in read-only mode. It is not possible to create or update data in Erplain via APIs.

    For more information, please visit ourhelp center.

  • What additional fees should I expect?

    All is included in our monthly and yearly plan: updates, backup, support and maintenance.
    Additional cost will occur only if you decide to add more users to your accounts or if you go over the monthlt order limit. Check out our pricing to know the cost per month of additional users or orders: www.erplain.com/en/pricing

  • Does erplain comply with GDPR ?

    Erplain complies with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation in regard to our area of expertise. We are committed to protect your data. Data that you enter in our software remain your properties and belongs to you.