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Frequently asked questions


Got questions ? We have answers. Discover more about our software, integrations, features and other topics.

Is Erplain suitable for my business?

For which industries is Erplain most effective?
Despite the common belief among SMB owners that they need to have a larger company to justify acquiring an inventory and order management system, such software can greatly benefit businesses of all sizes.

Erplain is the perfect fit for companies in various industries, including medical supplies, industrial, construction, food & beverage, motorsports, fashion & accessories, and sport & leisure, that have inventory and order management needs.
Would Erplain be a suitable solution for me as a wholesaler, distributor or owner of an export/import company?
Absolutely! Erplain is designed specifically for SMBs operating in the B2B sector who engage in purchasing products from suppliers, stocking them and reselling them to other businesses, primarily retailers. This is our core business, and we have tailored our software to meet the unique needs of companies operating in this space.
Would Erplain be a suitable solution for me as an eCommerce business?
Erplain is compatible with Shopify, an eCommerce solution that enables users to create their own online store. By integrating with Shopify, Erplain simplifies the process of implementing a successful multichannel strategy. It is crucial for a small business to have up-to-date data, as well as being able to track orders, returns and deliveries in a single location in real time.
Would Erplain be a suitable solution for me as a maker or manufacturer?
With Erplain, you can combine multiple products or components to create an assembly or a kit (for example, a bicycle made of 2 wheels, a fork, a seat, a chain…).
However, Erplain does not support production processes such as job costing, work in progress, or waste expense.
Would Erplain be a suitable solution for me as a retailer?
With Erplain, you can use our Point of Sale (POS) solution to support retail operations.
Would Erplain be a suitable solution for my business in renting materials?
Erplain does not currently offer features for businesses renting out equipment.
Would Erplain be a suitable solution for me as a contractor?
Erplain counts many customers in the contracting industry, especially in construction and home design. They use Erplain to manage their supplies, create estimates, invoices and include labor or services. Erplain facilitates the modernization of their operations by providing clear and professional documents for their customers, and by reducing errors.
Would Erplain be a suitable solution for me as a restaurant owner?
Unfortunately, Erplain is not the well-suited for restaurant owners.

Benefits of Using Inventory and Order Management Software

How does an online inventory management solution outperforms spreadsheets?
Using an inventory and order management software provides multiple benefits such as automation of processes and reducing human errors, as well as saving time and streamlining workflows.This software allows for the logging and history of all inventory movements to be saved and data to be updated in real time. These features improve efficiency and help businesses make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.
Why should I use an inventory and order management software?
An inventory and order management software can provide many benefits to your business, including boosting sales, saving time, reducing errors, improving team collaboration, increasing competitiveness and productivity, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Its automation and real-time synchronization capabilities make it an essential tool for any business looking to streamline their workflow and achieve better results.
Why should I choose an inventory and order management software over an ERP?
ERPs typically have a large set of features that go beyond inventory and order management, and they bring together all aspects of a company's operations. However, they are often expensive to acquire, set up, and maintain, making them too complex for SMBs. Additionally, they lack the flexibility of online solutions, which are often better suited for SMBs.
How hard is it to switch from spreadsheets to an online tool?
It is very simple, as all data can easily be imported.
How can Erplain help my business?
An inventory and order management software like Erplain offers various benefits by automating processes, giving you better competitiveness and providing a better overview of your business in real time.

With Erplain, you will:
- Save time and drive efficiency
- Improve customer satisfaction
- Enhance collaboration with your team
- Avoid costly inventory mistakes

Integration partners: QuickBooks Online and Shopify

Can I connect Erplain to my QuickBooks Online account?
Yes, Erplain has a seamless integration with QuickBooks Online, which means that your data can be easily synchronized between the two systems. Combining these two software provides you with the best tools to manage your business efficiently and successfully.
What are the benefits of syncing Erplain with QuickBooks Online?
Syncing Erplain with QuickBooks Online allows you to streamline your inventory and purchase processes, enabling you to manage and optimize your stock and purchases more effectively.

With Erplain, you can easily transform your quotes (estimates) into sales orders to reserve your stock and prevent selling inventory already allocated to a customer.

Erplain and QuickBooks Online synchronize your data in real time, including products, customers, suppliers, quotes, invoices, and purchase orders. Importing your data from QuickBooks Online to Erplain can be done in just a few minutes.
Is Erplain compatible with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop?
Erplain offers integration with QuickBooks Online, allowing additional inventory and order management features, such as batch tracking, multiple stock locations, and multiple price levels.
However, Erplain cannot be connected to QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Enterprise.
Can Erplain be integrated with my e-commerce website?
Erplain offers a seamless integration with Shopify, which is the leading cloud-based e-commerce solution. By connecting your Shopify store to Erplain, you can easily manage your inventory from a single location and synchronize data will sync between the two solutions. This allows you to develop a multi-channel strategy that includes multiple warehouses and sales locations.
Can I connect QuickBooks, Shopify and Erplain at the same time?
Absolutely! This powerful combination enables real-time synchronization of data, such as products, customers and suppliers, as well as centralized management of your stock levels, sales and purchase documents. Click here for more information about this trio.

Creating an Account

What are the system requirements for running Erplain?
Erplain is a web-based software, so all you need is a device with an Internet connection. You don’t need to install any software or have a high-end computer to use Erplain. Additionally, you don't have to worry about maintenance or backups. It’s that simple!
How much does Erplain cost?
Erplain offers 4 different plans that you can choose from, based on your business needs. Our pricing is affordable and designed for SMBs. There are no hidden fees, and everything is included: no set-up fee, maintenance or updates costs.
We accept payments in Euro or USD Dollar, and you can choose to pay on a monthly or yearly basis.

See our pricing and available plans here.
Is there a trial period?
Yes, indeed! Every Erplain sign-up comes with a 14-day trial period.
Can I sign up to Erplain without providing my credit card number?
You do not need to provide a credit card to sign up for your free trial. However, once your trial period expires, our paid plans require you to enter your credit card details.
Are there any fees to start using Erplain?
No way! Rest assured, none of our plans contain any hidden setup fees. Your chosen plan covers everything you need to get started.
Are there any discounts?
Heck yes there are! By choosing a yearly plan and paying up front, you can save 20%. You have the option to switch from a monthly plan to yearly payment at any time and benefit from this 20% discount.
Can I switch between plans?
Yes, it is fantastically easy to upgrade or downgrade your plan, anytime you need to.
What if I want to cancel my account?
At Erplain, we understand that your business needs can change over time. That's why we offer the flexibility to cancel or suspend your account whenever you need to. If you choose to cancel and delete your account, all your data will be removed from our servers. However, before you go, you can export your data into spreadsheet-compatible formats. While we'll be sad to see you leave, we believe in giving our customers the freedom to choose what's best for them.
Can I add more users to my Erplain subscription?
Yes, you can have additional users in Erplain. Depending on your subscription, you may already have one or more users included. You can add as many users as you need, although each additional user will be charged based on your subscription plan.

See our pricing and available plans.
How does the order limit work in Erplain?
An order refers to a transaction with a customer (Estimate, Sales Order, or Invoice) or a supplier (Purchase Order). Depending on your subscription, you have a certain number of orders included each month. If you exceed that limit, additional orders will be charged based on your subscription.

First Steps

Do I need to be an IT expert to set up and use Erplain?
Erplain combines high performance without compromising on the user experience. This online app is incredibly user-friendly, and the setup process is quick and seamless. Erplain comes equipped with many powerful features that you’ll master in no time.
With just a few clicks, you and your team will be able to navigate Erplain like experts.
Is technical support and training included?
All our plans include FREE support. You can reach our Product Specialists through our support ticket system.

Our Product team has also developed a comprehensive Help Center, as well as Video Tutorials, to guide you in setting up and using Erplain.
How do I import my data?
Easily and quickly import your customers, suppliers and products in Erplain from a CSV file. Spreadsheets like Excel or Google Sheets support CSV files. Click here to learn more about importing data.
How do I create my first products?
Generating a quote, sales order, invoice or purchase order requires the creation of products, which can be made easy thanks to Erplain’s user-friendly interface. With its intuitive design, creating a product and its variants (such as sizes, colors, materials…) is fast and simple.
Additionally, you can easily import an existing product list to Erplain with the help of a CSV file.

Erplain's features

What are Erplain's features?
Erplain offers a range of powerful features to optimize your inventory and order management. With these features, you can:
- Track your inventory in real time
- Optimize your purchases
- Manage your orders and boost your sales
How does Erplain help improve products availability?
When you create a new sales order (or generate your sales order from a quote), Erplain will automatically reserve these products and the available stock level will be decreased. No more inventory mistakes like selling the same product multiple times and avoid customer satisfaction issues.
Additionally, you can set a reorder point for each product, which allows you to restock before the product becomes out-of-stock. This helps to ensure product availability and prevent stockouts.
Does Erplain support multiple currency?
Yes, Erplain has provided for the management of various currencies. For all businesses that work internationally, you can easily buy or sell in multiple currencies.
Does Erplain support multiple stock locations or warehouses?
Yes, you can track your stock and sales from multiple warehouses or locations. Create stock entries and stock removals in each of them, and move stock from one location to another.
Does Erplain support batch/lot tracking and serial numbers?
Absolutely! Erplain allows you to trace your products along the distribution chain using batch numbers (or lot numbers). This feature enables you to track serial numbers and expiration date as well.
Does Erplain support barcodes?
Erplain supports barcode scanning. With this feature, you can easily add your products to sales or purchase documents by scanning their barcodes.
Does Erplain support consignment sales?
Yes, Erplain supports consignment sales. You can create an invoice for your consignee when a sale is made. Additionally, Erplain allows you to track your stock levels at your consignee's location, so you always know how much inventory you have available.
Does Erplain support drop shipping?
Yes, Erplain supports drop shipping. With Erplain, you can create drop ship orders for your suppliers and have them shipped directly to your customers without the need to handle the inventory yourself. Additionally, you can easily track the status of your orders and keep your customers informed about the shipping and delivery process.
Can I export my data from Erplain?
Absolutely! It's important to note that your data in Erplain belongs to you, and you have the ability to export it at any time. Exporting your data can be useful for conducting further analysis that Erplain reports may not provide, or for sharing data with stakeholders or other applications. Erplain allows you to export your data in CSV format, which can be opened in programs such as Excel or Google Sheets.
Does Erplain support multiple price levels?
Certainly! Erplain allows you to assign a purchase price, a wholesale price and a retail price for each product. Additionally, you can create price rules to set prices based on the seasons, product characteristics, customers or group of customers, or currency.
Can I set up permissions and restrict access to users in Erplain?
Yes, you can configure user permissions in Erplain to control and restrict access to specific features and data. This allows you to grant or limit access based on the specific needs and responsibilities of each user.
Does Erplain support product returns?
Certainly! Erplain makes it easy to manage product returns. You can put returned items back into stock, and generate credit notes or refunds as needed.

Additional Details

Is my data secure?
Ensuring the security and privacy of your data is of utmost importance to us. All entries are stored on secure servers, which are backed up regularly throughout each day. Additionally, we work with trusted third-party security specialists to perform regular reviews of our platform to prevent any breaches, data thefts, or fraudulent activities. Our commitment to data security ensures that your data is protected and secure at all times.
Can I use Erplain on my smartphone?
Yes, Erplain is a cloud-based solution, which means you can access it from any device, laptop, smartphone or tablet. This provides you with the flexibility to manage your orders and inventory from anywhere, at any time.
How can I get help with Erplain?
At Erplain, we value our customers and are committed to providing you with the support you need to manage your inventory and orders effectively. If you need assistance, the fastest way to get in touch with our support team is by submitting a ticket, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Additionally, we offer a wealth of resources on our Help Center, which provides detailed, step-by-step guides to help you navigate the platform and troubleshoot any issues you may encounter.
Does Erplain have an API?
Yes, Erplain offers an API that allows you to access your data programmatically. However, the API is currently only available in a read-only mode. This means that it's not currently possible to create or update data in the Erplain via the API.
What additional fees should I expect?
With Erplain, all of the essential features and services you need are included in our monthly and yearly plans, including regular updates, backups, support, and maintenance. The only time you'll incur additional costs is if you choose to add more users to your account or exceed the monthly order limit. To find out the cost per month for additional users or orders, please refer to our pricing page.
Does Erplain comply with GDPR?
Yes, Erplain complies with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation with respect to our area of expertise. We are committed to safeguarding your data, and we make sure that any data you enter into our software remains your property and belongs to you. Because we understand how important data privacy is to our customers, and we are always working to maintain the highest standards of security and compliance.
Does Erplain comply with GDPR?
Yes, Erplain complies with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation with respect to our area of expertise. We are committed to safeguarding your data, and we make sure that any data you enter into our software remains your property and belongs to you. Because we understand how important data privacy is to our customers, and we are always working to maintain the highest standards of security and compliance.


How can I reach out to Erplain?
By email:
- If you require assistance in using Erplain, please submit a ticket.
- For any questions related to sales, please reach out to
- For all other inquiries about our company (press, recruitment, partnerships…), write to

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