Order from your suppliers and easily manage your purchases.

Create Supplier Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders for your vendors to order or restock your inventory. Generate PDFs and send them in a click of a button directly from within erplain.

Supplier Records

Enter all your important supplier information into erplain and purchase orders will be automatically filled in with suppliers’ pricing, discounts and addresses based on your supplier records.

Partial Reception

Partial Reception

Easily manage multiple deliveries from your suppliers. Specify the quantities received for each delivery using a barcode scanner if needed.

Supplier SKU

Integrate Suppliers' SKU

Add the supplier reference number for each item so that it automatically appears in the purchase orders.

Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping

Send products directly to your customers from your suppliers. Create drop shipping purchase orders to generate purchase orders for your supplier including your customer’s delivery address in the click of a button.

Purchasing Management

Get an overview of the orders shipped, orders to be shipped and partial shipments. The expected quantities to be received are also included in your inventory levels.

Reorder Points

Determine a reorder point for each product to avoid stock-outs. Reorder supplies in just a click of the mouse from a purchase order or from a reorder point report.

multiple currencies

Purchase Orders in Multiple Currencies

Order items in any currency. If you deliver to different countries and sell in another currency, erplain is the ideal solution. It allows you to carry out your business internationally worry-free thanks to the multiple currency and multiple language features.