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Self-Service Videos

Demos, Training Sessions, Webinars, Testimonials... Watch the Videos of Your Choice!


Erplain Demo

Watch all of Erplain's main features in action: inventory, sales, purchases and product capabilities.
Duration: 36 minutes

First Steps with Erplain

Every step explained to get started with Erplain.
Duration: 5 minutes

Erplain Demo with QuickBooks

A quick tour on Erplain and QuickBooks integration: sales and purchase orders, multiple stock locations, custom price levels, reorder points, assemblies and kits.
Duration: 5 minutes

Training Sessions

Sales and Purchasing

Learn how to optimize your sales process and get tips and tricks to improve your restocking strategies.
Duration: 47 minutes

Traceability and Bundles

Learn all about batches, lot numbers, expiry dates, and how to create assemblies and kits from components or bundling products.
Duration: 40 minutes

Analysis Tools

Learn how to track key indicators of your business and make the right decisions to improve how you manage your inventory and B2B sales using Erplain.
Duration: 36 minutes

Erplain's B2B Store

Discover Erplain’s B2B e-commerce platform and its countless possibilities.
Duration: 35 minutes

Erplain's Tips and Tricks

Customize Erplain's settings to meet the needs of your business: PDF documents, email templates, exports, barcodes, and much more.
Duration: 38 minutes

Astuces Erplain

Personnalisez vos PDF, emails et rapports, exportez et mettez à jours vos données... Toutes les astuces pour utiliser Erplain efficacement.
Durée : 45 minutes


Monsieur Barbier

Ganaël and his team are excited to share their feedback on how they manage their orders and inventory with Erplain.

Kit · Price list · Inventory Optimization
Duration: 2 minutes

Mas de l'Armandine

Erwan Le Capitaine explique comment Erplain a contribué à améliorer la traçabilité de ses produits et sa gestion du stock.

Traçabilité : numéros de lot · Pennylane
Durée : 2 minutes

Hello Drinks

Gabin lays out all the benefits of Erplain's B2B Store: Order-Taking made easy, average basket size increased, improved customer satisfaction, and much more!

B2B Store · Order-taking
Duration: 2 minutes

Webinaire Shopify et Erplain

Comment piloter avec succès B2B et B2C ? Camille Donat, gérante de Waat, partage son expérience.
Durée : 53 minutes

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