Easily create and manage all your products, variants and services in one place. erplain has all sorts of options to enable you to create any product variant to match your business needs.

Variants of products

Create any Type of Product

Easily manage your product families with variants, such as color, size or material. Add all the characteristics of all your products: SKUs, barcodes, descriptions, supplier references, visuals, reorder points, and more.

Price Levels

Manage Price Levels

Tired of always looking for prices or making mistakes? With erplain, managing your pricing becomes a lot easier! You can add a purchase, wholesale or retail price. You can also add price rules depending on attributes, seasons, time of year, customers and currencies. Simply create a new order - erplain will automatically find the corresponding price.

Bundles or kits

Create Product Bundles or Kits

You can combine multiple products as a bundle or kit and resell it as a new product. For example, a bundle including 1 black t-shirt + 1 pair of black pants + 1 black pair of socks will make up one single product called “Black Outfit”.

Create Packs

For your B2B sales, create packs of products, which consists in including several of the same product. For example, if you want to sell keychains in packs of 10, create one pack for the same product which you can then include in your sales documents.

Serial number

Track Serial Numbers and Batch Numbers

erplain guarantees product traceability throughout the entire supply chain. This feature makes product returns and tracking expiration dates and shelf life a lot simpler.

Scan barcodes

Barcode Management

Add barcodes to your products, and then scan them to quickly add them to your newly created documents when purchasing or selling products.

Manage your stock of products

Stock Management

Set up bin locations and reorder points for each warehouse. Track inventory levels - available, actual and expected quantities - and monitor the quantities assigned to customer orders. Add photographs of your products on your sales documents for easier identification.

Add services

Create Services

Create services for quoting and invoicing your freelance, consulting or labor work.

Data analysis

Statistics and MAC per unit

Get the Moving Average Cost (MAC) per unit for each variant. Get sales statistics, identify best-selling and most profitable products.