No more going back and forth between time-consuming spreadsheets to update your inventory from your orders. Erplain’s order management features automated order processing and updates your inventory levels in real time.

Sales Worflow

Automate your Sales Workflow

With Erplain, you can create invoices from estimates and sales orders in just a click of the mouse. You can say goodbye to copying and pasting from one document to another and to pricing errors. What’s more, your inventory is automatically updated based on your orders.

B2B Store screenshot

B2B ecommerce Platform

Easily increase your B2B Sales with Erplain's B2B Store. Customize your store with your logo, brand colours and products, then invite your customers to place orders 24/7.
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Partial shipment

Partial Shipments

Easily manage staggered deliveries over time If you need to deliver a partial shipment to your customers, Erplain automatically calculates the remaining quantities to ship.

Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping

Create purchase orders for drop shipping. Products are shipped directly to your customers from your suppliers.

Returns, refunds and credit notes

Manage Product Returns, Refunds and Credit Notes

Easily process product returns, returns to stock, and generate refunds or credit notes.

Product Traceability: Serial Numbers or Lot Numbers

Track the products you sell to simplify product recalls, to monitor expiration dates and shelf life in order to meet legal requirements.

Price levels

Price Management

Sales documents are automatically filled out according to previously set customer price levels and existing pricing rules.

Sales Reports and statistics

Statistics and Monitoring Sales

Generate detailed and relevant sales reports in order to have an accurate overview of your business and increase profits. Easily keep track of your customers’ unpaid invoices and payment reminders.

Order Entry

Take Orders from Anywhere 24 Hours a Day

Never miss a sales opportunity. Day and night; take orders from anywhere in the world on your tablet or phone.

collaboration with warehouse team and salespersons

Easier Collaboration With Your Teams

Grant specific access levels to your salespeople to make order entries easier. Track your order status in real time for better collaboration with your sales and warehouse teams.

Sell on consignment

Consignment Sales

Ship your proceeds to salespeople for consignment sales and manage merchandise as external inventory. Invoice from this stock when sales are made.

multiple currencies

Manage Multiple Currencies

Manage multiples currencies to make international activities easier. Buy and sell in any currency.

Professional looking Invoice

Send Documents With a Professional Look

Erplain creates and e-mails your documents in PDF format: invoices, orders, shipping orders and invoices. You can customize these documents with your company logo, address, payment information and more.
Change the language of your PDF files for all your foreign customers.