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clothing and footwear industry

Inventory and Order Management for Apparel, Fashion & Accessories

Erplain offers an innovative and user-friendly software solution designed for inventory and sales management in clothing, footwear and accessories supplies companies.
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Challenges faced by the wholesale fashion industry

Apparel and fashion accessories wholesalers, along with independent makers, evolve in a highly competitive industry. They encounter many challenges, including:
Managing multiple warehouses and currencies for international import-export activities.
Ensuring a fast and reliable purchasing process from suppliers and manufacturing companies to meet timely deliveries to retailers.
Preventing understocking or overstocking and optimizing working capital.
Minimizing dead stock and excess inventory from previous collections to reduce unnecessary expenses and increase profit margins.
Maintaining a rapid inventory turnover to meet the ever-increasing and rapidly changing demands of customers.
Upholding a code of ethics and environmental standards that require product traceability and consideration of production conditions.
Exploring new distribution channels within an omnichannel strategy, including e-commerce activities.

How Can Erplain Enhance Your Omnichannel Strategy?


Designing Solutions for Distributors of Clothing, Footwear, and Accessories

Small workshops, independent designers, craftsmen, and distributors of textiles and accessories (shoes, leather goods, jewelry, etc.) must demonstrate responsiveness and provide quality service. This requires real-time visibility into your company’s operations. The goal is to enhance consumer satisfaction by effectively meeting their expectations.
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Streamline Order and Inventory Management with an Intuitive and User-Friendly Tool

Erplain empowers the textile and fashion industry to market clothing, footwear and other accessories in a more professional and cost-effective way. Distributors and wholesalers can efficiently handle multiple delivery addresses, set reorder points and invite customers to their B2B Store.
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Expand Your B2B and B2C Sales Channels

Erplain is the ideal solution for inventory management within an omnichannel strategy that combines B2B and B2C operations. With its seamless integration with Shopify, Erplain enables businesses in the textile and fashion industry to sell through an e-commerce store while maintaining real-time visibility of their inventory.

Why They Chose to Trust Erplain

Erplain  five star ratings in app stores
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Amélie Gingras Rioux
Cofounder, Annie50
“We’ve tried a lot of inventory management apps, and honestly, there is nothing out there that compares with Erplain for a small business."
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Pauline Bijvoet
Cofounder Ateliers Scarlette
“The app manages our sales really well. We have a real-time view of our inventory records and valuation for any given period of time."
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Erplain's benefits

Why Choose Erplain?

Tailored to Your Industry
Benefit from a turnkey software solution and a dedicated customer service team to assist you.
Simplified Inventory Management
Track your inventory in real time: stock levels, traceability, barcodes, and more.
Automated Sales Cycle
Generate estimates, sales orders, shipping orders, and invoices with just one click.
Enhanced Team Collaboration
Boost the productivity and efficiency of your team.
Informed Decision-Making
Get detailed reports and monitor your business KPIs.

Discover All Our Features

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Why Choose Erplain?

Erplain provides small businesses with a reliable solution for long-term management success.
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