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Optimize Inventory Management for Shopify

The Erplain + Shopify duo is an online solution specifically designed for entrepreneurs engaged in both wholesale and e-commerce.
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Why Connect Erplain and Shopify

Centralize your B2B and B2C sales
Expand your distribution channels
Unlock advanced capabilities such as assembly management and traceability
Streamline your purchasing process by generating purchase orders directly from your suppliers
Erplain x Shopify

Real-time Synchronization

Installation Guide
Create assemblies and bundles

Enhance Your Stock Control with Additional Inventory Management Feature

Keep your Shopify inventory in sync across your offline sales channels.
Efficiently track lot or batch numbers throughout your entire supply chain, enabling quick product recalls and expiration date monitoring.
Increase your average order value by offering product bundles, which also allow for assembling components into finished products.
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Expand Your Distribution Channels

Efficiently manage your sales process, including sales orders, shipping orders, and invoices.
Expand your business by offering an e-commerce website on Shopify in addition to your B2B sales.
Efficiently manage your inventory across all your physical stores with Shopify POS.
Purchase Orders with Erplain

Manage Your Restocking and Add Supplier Profiles

Create purchase orders for your suppliers.
Generate restocking orders in seconds.
Automate the filling of supplier information in your purchase orders.


How to get started?
Once your Shopify and Erplain accounts have been created, connecting the two applications takes less than 5 minutes. Simply go to “Connect your Shopify account to Erplain" in the “Applications" menu of Erplain.
Which data is synchronized between Erplain and Shopify?
The stock levels of your Shopify online store and physical stores (with Shopify Point of Sale - POS) are updated in real time. Creating purchase orders with Erplain will immediately increase your stock in the synchronized location. Products, customers, sales orders, and invoices are automatically synchronized between Erplain and Shopify.
Does Erplain also work with Shopify POS?
Absolutely, you simply need to associate each point of sale with a storage location in Erplain. The stock levels will adjust automatically. This way, you can start selling in-store or online simultaneously, to both B2C consumers and B2B professionals. Everything is centralized.
Can I import my current products, customers, and suppliers directly from Shopify to Erplain?
Importing products from Shopify to Erplain, or vice versa, can be done with just a click! Customer profiles are automatically sent to Erplain whenever a new order is placed. However, supplier profiles do not synchronize as Shopify does not support purchase process management.

For any additional information regarding how Erplain works with Shopify, please refer to our documentation in our Help Center, or submit a ticket to contact us.

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