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Customer testimonial : check out the case study of YOOM

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YOOM was created in 2010 and it is run by two associates. The company currently has two core activities, namely catering with two Yoom restaurants in Paris, and a Dim Sum (traditional Chinese dish) distribution service for restaurant professionals and private customers.

As the company's Back Office Manager, Christophe is responsible for dealing with stock levels, purchasing management, issuing quotations, billing, tracking payments and keeping the accounts.

He first installed a “heavyweight" ERP to manage Yoom's sales and inventory. This ERP turns out to be overly complicated, he kept having issues, losing time, and his productivity was actually decreasing.

After scanning the marketplace, Christophe chose to use Erplain, which is much better suited to small businesses. He identified 3 mains benefits :

  • Centralize the sales/purchase data chain in one place;
  • Save time when managing inventory and sales;
  • Harness a relationship of trust with Erplain's teams.

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