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How a nonprofit organization came to choose Erplain's solution

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As a nonprofit organization, you may be wondering if you are in need of an inventory & sales app.

Whether it is for:

  • tracking your inventory in real time;
  • automating your reordering of stock;
  • or just having an affordable all-in-one app!

You will find Erplain is the fitting solution you have been searching for. Erplain is perfectly adapted to nonprofit organizations, allowing for a responsible financial management of funds through automated inventory management.

Want to check it out for yourself?

Discover the story of Tempa and Michael, founders of Special Kneads & Treats, Inc., a nonprofit organization providing birthday cakes to families in need. They used to rely on spreadsheets but as soon as they discovered Erplain, they were blown away by the inventory management system, saving time and increasing efficiency: “Erplain has made it so much faster and easier. The intuitiveness of reordering stock with just a few clicks is amazing.”


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