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Erplain: Reflecting on 2023 and Vision for 2024


2023, a Year of Exciting Developments

"2023 has been a year filled with a wealth of innovations and product improvements. As we close out another year, we are proud to have brought to life exciting technological ideas and innovative projects. To wrap up the year on a high note, here are the key moments from 2023 that have made an impact on Erplain."

Edouard, cofounder of Erplain

New Features for an Enhanced B2B Store

So many exciting projects came to life in 2023! Starting with the addition of new features for the B2B Store.

Already embraced by 1/4 of our clients, the B2B Store has become an essential tool for our B2B customers. Given its success, we have made significant changes. Our dedicated team has focused its efforts, introducing 21 new features that have already had a meaningful impact on user experience. And the momentum continues, with ongoing efforts to bring even more innovations to the forefront!

In 2023, the B2B Store means:

  • 16,000 orders placed in 2023
  • 14 hours saved per month in average per company
  • 700+ professional clients who log in to it every week

But that's not all!

A New Brand Identity

In 2023, we unveiled a fresh new look for Erplain through a rebranding effort that reinforces our core values: a commitment to evolving and meeting the changing needs of our customers, our desire to innovate and to simplify inventory and B2B sales management.

Recommended reading: Erplain's rebranding: The story behind it

A Strenghened Relationship with Accountants

Accountants are invaluable partners. We went directly to meet them at trade shows. They gave us an opportunity to discuss crucial topics often overlooked: inventory and B2B sales management, emphasizing its importance for SMBs, accountants, and billing softwares.

Looking Ahead to 2024

"As we conclude 2023 with significant achievements, we turn our attention to 2024, a year we anticipate to be full of promises and innovations for Erplain."

Arnaud, cofounder of Erplain

Improved Customer Support

Our priority in 2024 is to continue providing excellent support to our clients. To achieve this, we aim to offer personalized support to our clients, enabling them to use our app effectively through training or assistance in implementing new modules and sales processes. To maintain this quality and personalized support, our product specialists and customer service teams will increase their staff.

Enhanced Proximity with B2B Store Clients

With the growing success of the B2B Store, we want to go even further in 2024, by making it even more accessible and functional, addressing the varied needs of SMBs. Improvements and new features are currently in development and will be available in the B2B Store in 2024.

The Birth of a New Product: Stockpit

One of the highlights of 2024 is the launch of Stockpit, a new app designed to add inventory features to billing softwares such as QuickBooks. To facilitate the development of new features and ensure easy integration with partnering softwares, we chose the most innovative technologies for Stockpit. Discover the story behind Stockpit through an interview with our cofounders (enable English subs):

Dedicated Services for Accountants

To be even more attentive to the needs of our partners, we have strengthened our team dedicated to accountants. In addition to the Partner Program, our team is expanding to provide accounting professionals with personalized support in implementing Stockpit for their clients, both technically and in inventory management advice.

"2024 looks more than promising, marked by transformation and progress. Thanks to our clients and our thirst for innovation, we are making Erplain and Stockpit powerful technological solutions that meet the expectations of our B2B clients."

Edouard, cofounder of Erplain

"Our goal? Provide even more essential tools for inventory and sales management and respond more precisely to the needs of users, SMBs, and accountants."

Arnaud, cofounder of Erplain

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