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Erplain survey: 11 Key SMB Inventory Management Figures


Erplain spent 2021 surveying more than 92 small businesses, each with 1 to 20 employees, in an effort to better understand your inventory and sales management issues.

Over half of these small businesses either do not manage their inventory at all or manage it manually, and 2/3 encounter inventory errors, which is driving the move towards more specialized software! How using Erplain brings you all the benefits of automation: discover all the survey’s key stats.

Too many inventory errors

2/3 of entrepreneurs encountered inventory errors before using Erplain, for a wide range of reasons.

  • 58% attributed them to a lack of real-time visibility
  • 82% were using a solution that wasn’t adapted to their business
  • 35% encountered collaboration problems within their team

The entrepreneurs surveyed decided to tackle these problems by using Erplain.

80% of Erplain customers are instantly won over by how easy the software is to install and use.

When digitalization and performance go hand in hand

Small business owners have noticed real benefits since adopting Erplain:

  • 80% note significant time saving
  • 59% highlight improved productivity
  • 64% state that their business is more professional

Digitalization stumbling blocks still persist

Although all the entrepreneurs we surveyed state that they want to digitalize their businesses, certain misconceptions still seem to be holding them back:

  • 59% think specialized software is too costly
  • 33% don't have enough time to change their processes
  • 28% state that they don’t have the skills to use specialized software

Here at Erplain, we are aware of entrepreneurs’ concerns. That is why we have developed a tool that meets the specific needs of businesses with fewer than ten employees.

92% of our customers recommend Erplain

As well as optimized inventory management, other advantages were repeatedly cited:

  • 2 out of 3 customers accelerated their sales thanks to Erplain
  • 9 ouf of 10 customers automated their processes - thereby drastically reducing errors
  • 9 out of 10 customers were able to better manage their businesses remotely

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11 key SMB inventory Management Figures

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