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New Erplain version: What are the new features?


Because we care about your input, we strive to improve Erplain by integrating your suggestions. Based on your needs and use of Erplain, we have developed a new version. First launched in beta to ensure performance and stability, this new version was quickly implemented by almost all our clients. Since late February, the new version has been available for everyone and you can thus enjoy all the new features to improve your inventory and sales management. Want to know more about these new features? Or how to upgrade the software? Let’s find out!

These two versions are like chalk and cheese. It used to be a very good solution but it has now become an excellent one.
Yacine, Scarlette Ateliers

A more user-friendly interface

The new Erplain version offers you a completely redesigned interface. Although the existing process and features remain unchanged, the interface went through a complete makeover to improve user experience and software performance all the while enabling a much faster product evolution.

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Data and access to Erplain will remain the same

Added features for sales management

One of the main improvements for this new Erplain version focuses on enhancing sales features. From now on, you can:

  • View your profits and production costs in real time to make the best sales decisions
  • Provide your clients with a B2B Store to enable them to place orders and restock online
  • Set up email templates (quotes, invoices and purchase orders) with customizable fields such as client name or invoice number. You can also send emails directly from your own work email address (smtp).
  • Create deposit from quotes or sales orders
  • Allow your client to pay their invoices through Stripe

email template

High-performance inventory management

With this new Erplain version, we also gave the inventory management feature a makeover!

You can now fully enjoy:

  • A precise inventory tracking by clicking reserved stock view
  • Filters to list ready-to-ship client orders
  • Barcodes display in PDF documents

I finally upgraded to the new Erplain version. It is very nice. I will continue to use it without hesitation.

Yacine, Scarlette Ateliers

And much more

We also developed added features to optimize the convenience of Erplain, such as:

  • Filters to create customized views according to your needs. You can even save them to use them over and over again!
  • Duplication of products, clients and suppliers
  • CSV and XLSX files export option
  • Tags, brands and seasons management in a dedicated page
Product Tags management

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Data and access to Erplain will remain the same

Want to know more about these new features? You can read all about it on our support page. All the new changes are listed and detailed step by step for an easy implementation.

You can also reach our sales team for more information.

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