Our story - from a small business entrepreneur to a small business win-win partner

All the ingredients in place for a successful business

Our story began a few years ago when we launched a small sports distribution company. With a dedicated team of 5 passionate and hard-working experts in our business, we believed nothing stood in the way of our growth!

The harsh reality of everyday business management

After a few months of enthusiastic work, we had to admit that we underestimated the workload related to :

  • Creating orders and invoices
  • Managing relationships (clients and suppliers)
  • Tracking inventory
  • Pricing issues
  • Currency problems

Time wasted and no profit

All soon became a nightmare, leaving us no time for our clients. We had to undertake time consuming processes and data management that we were ill prepared for and resulted in multiple mistakes. Ultimately, this negatively impacted customer satisfaction. Without an easy and reliable “tool” to help us make the right decisions, sales kept growing but we made no profit.

In search for a solution suitable for small businesses like us

For several months we worked on a solution based on spreadsheets that we thought would change our business life. But this solution became quickly obsolete and we needed to urgently find an effective and simple solution. After studying lots of different solutions on the market, we came to the conclusion that there was nothing available targeted at small businesses like us. The problem was that our small business couldn’t afford to spend thousands in upfront costs, training, licenses and maintenance fees but we had real issues such as: managing inventory, optimizing stock levels, ordering from different suppliers and delivering to clients from different warehouses. Regardless of the size of our company, we needed to appear professional working with a reliable and simple solution in order to grow and make money.

The catalyst for our big idea

We decided to use our experience to become a long term winning partner for small companies or start-ups by developing a solution to specifically address their needs with fixed and monthly fees. No surprises and no additional costs that would put a company financially at stake. We are a team of individuals who are passionate about what technology brings to the world. We believe modern technologies can help small businesses be more efficient, accurate and connected at any time, from anywhere. So after a year of hard work, Erplain was born.

What is Erplain?

Erplain is an efficient ERP software, a plain solution for SMB to implement and use. And yes Erplain sounds like airplane because we believe it will help your business grow wings and fly towards growth and success! Erplain is a web-based, integrated solution to manage your customers, sales and inventory. We also understand that changing systems can be stressful so we made Erplain very simple to implement and very intuitive. We can easily import your excel datasheets and export other data as much as you like. You will become an Erplain guru in no time! Erplain helped our small business become successful. We want to share Erplain with other businesses so they too can focus on growth and profitability instead of time consuming processes (win-win). If our story sounds familiar to you and you think Erplain might be a solution for your business, visit us at erplain.com and contact us.

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Erplain provides small businesses with a reliable solution for long-term management success.
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