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The 6 Big Benefits of Working for a Small Business


It’s no secret that a harmonious team full of talented, driven individuals is the secret to extraordinary success in business. Well, that and a good coffee machine within reasonable proximity, and a printer that doesn’t jam up . . . but beyond the tools and brain fuels, it seems no matter the nature of its trade, a company’s human resources are always its most precious commodities.

Big corporations are prepared to lure top applicants with handsome salaries, flashy benefits packages, and pimped-out break rooms that smaller companies can’t always compete with. So why are more and more people willing to make a few sacrifices to go work for a small company?


If you crave autonomy in your work, then you should build a career with a smaller company where reporting structures are simpler and there is less red tape to navigate. Fewer people on a team means fewer layers to go through before your ideas and recommendations can be heard, and less of a middle management presence to breathe down your neck as you work, which can be stifling to creativity.


If ever you need some perspective on whatever ideas you’re working on, in a smaller company, there is nothing to stop you from going straight to the top for input. Not to mention, in the close-knit vibe of a family business, founders are often more open to mentoring their squad to prepare them for promotions from within.


If you’re unsure about precisely where to focus your talents, working for a small business often means being given the chance to try your hand at new things and to have involvement in a variety of assignments, which is the best way to uncover new abilities that could point you in the direction of how you could be the greatest asset!


Working for big corporations often means feeling like you’re just a tiny part of something overwhelmingly huge, and it can be frustrating not to be recognized for contributions you’ve made. In a small company, you personally know everyone you’re working with, and so you are seen when you produce good work and know that you and your efforts matter – which is all anyone really wants, right? A good pat on the back to know they’re nailing it at their job, and to be able to take pride in the company’s success.


Smaller companies’ environments tend to be filled with entrepreneurial spirits who have very creative, outside-the-box ideas for how to engage their team members and create a pleasant work space. For example, many startups and SMBs offer things like occasional outdoor rec periods for fresh air and team-building (recess!!), dog-friendly workplaces to relieve employee tension and keep spirits high (puppies!!), and even offering nap rooms so that workers can take a quick mid-day snooze if they need to power up for the afternoon (siesta!!!). In the realm of small businesses, perks don’t have to be expensive or glamorous to keep employees happy, they just need to help keep the work/life balance in check, and make daily life easier and more fun!


Generally speaking, a small business workplace is a more flexible environment in every way, compared with bigger, more established workplaces that are already set in their ways. Many SMBs don’t demand a 40-hour workweek from their staff, but rather prefer to set mutually agreeable timelines for projects and let their staff manage their own time, new-school style. Of course, there is the odd small business owner who reveres the old school way of running things but luckily, they’re becoming fewer and farther between. Now these old-school founders are easier to spot than ever: they still use spreadsheets!

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