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Closeup on Erplain’s Customer Service

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At Erplain, a whole team is involved everyday to make the software better, guide users and grow partnerships throughout the world.

Customer support is at the core of Erplain when it comes to helping you grow your business. Because we put your needs on the front line, our Product Specialists offer quick and responsive assistance, all year long. Today, we decided to introduce you to two of them that aim at improving your Erplain experience and assist you from our headquarters in France. And there will be more team mates to come! 


Two exceptional Product Specialists 


Jordane Gaillard joined the team almost three years ago. To him, “Having a direct contact with our customers is a real source of motivation and satisfaction. I feel like I’m not just working “for” them but also “with” them. It’s a healthy relationship that inspires me everyday.”  


Jordane product specialist


Our newest addition is Fraser Weddle, French-Scottish Product Specialist who has joined us recently this year to better respond to your needs. “My favorite part about my job is investigating and analyzing our customer’s issue to better solve it. Because our software keeps evolving, so do the issues, which encourages us to learn, grow and go above and beyond. Everyday is a new and positive challenge in our Customer Support.” 


fraser product specialist


Our Product Specialists are here to guide you through the entire process


Together as part of the Product Specialists’ team, Jordane and Fraser are dedicated to assist you with using the app. As soon as any user takes their first steps, they are there to guide them making the most of Erplain’s features and answer any question they may have.


Resolving your tickets


“Whenever a customer submits a ticket, our team reads it then figures out which kind of problems it belongs to: either it is technical or usage-related, in which case we address the problem ourselves; either it is something else, in which case the ticket is passed on to the Developer Team. We keep a close watch on our customers and we make sure their problem is solved as quickly as possible."


Feeding the Help Center with useful articles


"However, my best advice is to refer to the online Help Center first and foremost. We enrich practical information on a daily basis with questions that we receive. It is a real time-saver for users that wish to solve their problems fast.”, says Fraser.


Creating awesome support videos


Visit our Youtube channel and get the latest videos: testimonials, demos, replays, getting started instructions, tips, and much more...


This Product Specialists’ team gives a real added value to Small Businesses opting for a smart solution such as Erplain, by offering more than just Customer Support. And we will continue to extend the team to support Erplain’s growth.


Our clients say it better


"The big seller for us was, when you ask for help and they respond right away. For me and this industry, that’s huge in this day and age.”  

Lily from Coast Mountain Collective


From the very start, the customer support has been excellent - they responded quickly to all my questions (and there were many!) Even when there was a problem with the system, I contacted the team and they immediately looked into it and had rectified the problem within a few hours... “ 

Alexandra, hydraulic workshop (Maritime industry) in the Caribbean 


How to contact the Product Specialists’ team?


You can contact us by submitting a ticket. Please make sure to include all necessary information such as product names, transaction numbers, and screenshots to help us help you.