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Erplain, the perfect QuickBooks Commerce alternative

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A few months ago, QuickBooks Commerce (which stemmed from QuickBooks’ acquisition of TradeGecko) announced that it would be closing its service on 10 June 2022, giving its customers a year to transfer to another service.

As a user of this inventory management solution, you are now looking for a smooth transition to a QuickBooks Commerce alternative. But finding the right tool for your business is proving more difficult than you anticipated. Are you an entrepreneur or SMB that is still using QuickBooks Commerce, formerly TradeGecko? Find out why Erplain is the best choice for your business.


Why choose Erplain as an alternative to QuickBooks Commerce?


A solution specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses

A large proportion of the inventory management tools on the market are more readily suited to bigger companies, but they often end up being too costly and complex for smaller businesses. From day one, Erplain has been designed to deal with the issues faced by entrepreneurs and SMBs, which makes it an excellent alternative to TradeGecko.

Choose the Erplain subscription plan that best suits your needs to get the most useful features. Our prices are affordable for entrepreneurs and SMBs, and a subscription plan limits your initial outlay and can be canceled at any time.

Do you want to try out our tool before you decide? We offer a free 14-day trial, no credit card required!

Free trial to erplain, inventory and order management software

A multi-industry tool

Erplain is a multipurpose tool that is not aimed at a specific vertical sector, making it useful for the vast majority of small and medium-sized businesses.
Whatever your sector, Erplain can meet your needs and help you grow your business.

A multichannel solution

Erplain gives you the option of centralizing all your inventory data across all your different distribution channels, both B2B and B2C: do you sell in-store, online (Shopify), and via an intermediary? Erplain synchronizes all the information you need to keep a close eye on your merchandise.

You don’t need to worry about stock-outs or errors relating to using multiple distribution channels - as soon as a salesperson places an order, the inventory is reserved until delivery. This means you don’t run the risk of selling the same item online at the same time, or vice versa.

Erplain, a perfect alternative to Tradegecko and Quickbooks Commerce

A wide range of features

You enjoyed the features of TradeGecko and want to get them back in your new tool? With its numerous modules, Erplain should satisfy you. See for yourself!

Real-time inventory management

  • Track your inventory in real time and set up your own alerts for minimum levels of inventory.
  • Manage multiple warehouses at once and ensure your merchandise remains fully traceable to increase customer satisfaction.

Estimates, purchase orders, invoicing (full sales cycle)

  • With Erplain, you can issue estimates, purchase orders, shipping orders or invoices in just a few clicks. 
  • Automate your sales management and manage all your returns/refunds on the same platform!
  • Do you do business abroad? Choose from 6 languages for your documents (English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, and Swedish) and use our advanced multi-currency system.

Purchasing & supply

  • Centralize your supplier details and manage your supply efficiently.
  • You can also set up critical thresholds for triggering an order, to avoid stock-outs!

Reporting & analysis

  • Define KPIs and create entirely customizable dashboards to track your business’s performance.
  • Erplain also makes it easy for you to consult your unpaid invoices: send payment reminders quickly and maintain enough extra cash flow for your WCR!

POS synchronized with Erplain

  • Optimize the way you run your physical points of sale with Erplain POS.
  • This POS can easily be used on a tablet or smartphone.
  • You can access detailed statistics to find out which products sell the best and make decisions based on reliable data.

A free demo to see how Erplain can replace Quickbooks Commerce

Advanced, native integration with QuickBooks Online & Shopify

Erplain offers reliable integration with QuickBooks Online, used by our customers in nearly 20 countries! Synchronize your inventory, purchase orders, invoices, and more in just a few minutes.
Native integration with Shopify is also available to help you better manage your e-commerce business, from supply to inventory levels.

Do you sell both B2B and B2C? Make the most of Erplain’s double Shopify + QuickBooks Online integration to manage all your sales channels and automate your processes quickly and easily!

B2B portal

This feature makes Erplain the perfect TradeGecko / QuickBooks Commerce alternative if you are a B2B company.
Invite your customers to access a purchasing platform tailor-made for them, then customize it with your graphic charter and the products you want to feature on it.
Thanks to the easy-to-configure Stripe integration, your customers can even pay you directly from the platform, without having to change platforms!


Commerce platform for B2B small business


A responsive customer service team

You have access to an entirely in-house bilingual English/French support team. Your queries will be answered as quickly as possible to provide you with the very best Erplain experience.

An intuitive interface that you will master in no time

If you are looking for an easy-to-use alternative to QuickBooks Commerce, look no further! We have designed Erplain to be accessible to as many people as possible: you don’t need advanced IT expertise to get the most out of the tool! Your employees will be able to use the software unaided in just a few days and the roll-out won’t have any impact on your team’s productivity during the transition period.

Furthermore, Erplain is a 100% SaaS tool, easily accessible from your computer, tablet or smartphone: all you need is an internet connection. Finally, the maintenance, backup, and update processes are automated, saving you time in your day-to-day operations.

No hidden costs

Erplain offers a QuickBooks Commerce alternative with an entirely transparent pricing policy with us, there are no hidden fees.
Our subscription plans (monthly or annual) include an hour of training and set-up assistance, as well as maintenance, software updates, and unlimited access to our customer service team by email!

free trial to discover Erplain and how the software can be a good alternative to Quicbooks commerce

Secure data

We take the security of the data entrusted to us very seriously. All the information you enter into Erplain is automatically archived on highly protected servers. Backups are also carried out on a daily basis.
Access levels are carefully designated for each employee and authorizations are audited regularly to limit the risk of fraud and data theft.

Do you have a question? A project? Contact our teams for personalized support!