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The most efficient way to support your account managers on the road


Whether you have your own team of sales reps or hire independent agents who receive a commission, it is imperative to support them to sell your products. The first thing to do is to provide your account managers with samples and sales materials, and offer them incentives and commissions to keep them motivated to sell your products.

Don't stop there. You can do more to help them and increase your sales at the same time. Equip your sales reps with the right tools to get the most of your team and increase their sales and customers' satisfaction.

>> Find out how Lil's Distribution has increased productivity and sales using erplain to manage their 5 sales reps:

1. Give dedicated access for your sales reps & get sales reports per account manager

Tom, Lil's owner, manages his inventory, orders and sales reps with erplain. This software lets him add account manager users with dedicated permissions. His sales team have limited access to erplain and they can only access the information about their own customers. The account managers are not able to see purchase prices or the company's sales reports.

However, Tom can get a detailed sales report for each account manager and check his team's performance. These reports also help him to calculate the commissions for every member of his team.

How does it work ?

1. Start by creating account managers profiles in the company "Settings". In erplain, you can add as many account managers as you wish. Note that this step doesn't create a user's access just yet.
2. If you want to grant your account managers a restricted access to erplain, you have to create new users. Go to "Users" in company "Settings" and follow these steps.

2. Create estimates or sales orders from anywhere

Account manager meeting a customer

Tom was also looking for an inventory and order management software that would allow his team to connect to the app from any device.
By being connected to erplain on a mobile, tablet or laptop, his sales reps can take orders during tradeshows, while visiting clients, or even on the beach when they receive a phone call from one of their managed customers for a mid-season restocking order.

How does it work?

Ask your sales reps team to login on with their personal login info to start creating a new order. erplain's interface is similar on all devices and very intuitive and easy to use on mobile and desktop.

3. Access crucial information about stock levels, products or customers

With erplain, Tom's sales team can access important data anytime to act faster:

  • Customer information: they can access the data about their managed accounts including customer's past orders, orders status, unpaid invoices, default discounts, pricing, address… They can also accept estimates, update customers about their orders and send documents straight from the app with one click.
  • Stock levels: they can view what quantity is available or not and sell accordingly. They will also be warned in real time if quantities are not available while creating a sales document.
  • Products information: they can check products descriptions, pictures and verify which variants are available for a product (i.e. colors or sizes available for purchase).

How does it work?

Simply get your sales reps team to login on with their personal login to see information relevant to them.

With mobile access and user permissions, you can give your account managers access to erplain in total confidence and increase the efficiency of your team, sales opportunities and customer's satisfaction.

Interested in managing your account managers? Try it in your account if you already have an erplain account or start a free 14-day trial.

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