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Partner testimonial - How does a software integrator showcase its expertise by recommending Erplain to its clients?

Rickyel solution logo

Rickyel solution de gestion is a firm that specializes in setting up QuickBooks Online and Acomba accounting software, as well as compatible and complementary management software.

Based in Quebec and run by two partners and true professionals, Ricky Duquette and Riel Leblanc, the company specializes in supporting businesses in integrating suitable solutions and facilitating their daily business management activities. Since 2003, Rickyel’s team has handled several hundred integration and training projects for clients in a wide range of industries.

Ricky Duquette

Ricky Duquette gives us the reasons why Erplain is part of his software portfolio and explains the advantages of offering this software solution to his clients.

Can you define your clients' profile and your role?

Our clients come from several business sectors, including distribution, services, and construction. And we have clients of all sizes, with anywhere from 1 to 50 employees who use the software.

Our experts start by analyzing businesses’ needs, then integrating the appropriate accounting software and other complementary software based on the needs identified. Finally, we put together teams and offer all the technical support they need.

What is your biggest challenge?

Our biggest challenge today is looking for new clients and finding the right product for each of our business clients’ issues.

Why Erplain?

Being based in Quebec, we needed French-language software that, because it is compatible with QuickBooks, meets Quebec’s accounting standards.

“Opting for Erplain was a logical and easy choice”

Plus, as we only recently became a QuickBooks Online dealer and are aware of its limitations in terms of stock/inventory management, we needed effective, compatible software for our clients requiring advanced stock and order management features.

QBO erplain integration

Our selection criteria were:

  • The software’s working language and the possibility of sending invoices in French.
  • Management of the full sale cycle: Submission, Purchase order, Delivery note and Invoice, i.e. ‘the full transaction cycle’
  • Management of several price levels

What system did your clients use before Erplain?

Before using online software, our clients mainly used “desktop” software, which complicated matters substantially (no mobility, no or little possibility of working remotely).

What's your interest in offering Erplain to your clients?

It meets the needs of a very large section of our clients, complementing the features of QBO - QuickBooks Online.

“Inventory advanced functionalities, replenishment, sales orders and shipping orders management - Erplain features that are missing from QuickBooks Online but essential for our clients.”


What are the 3 features your clients ask for the most?

  1. Client-specific price levels
  2. Partial shipping order with the possibility of delivering orders in stages
  3. Restocking

Would you recommend Erplain to other partners?

No ;-) -  I don’t want my competitors to know about this software and to offer it to their clients. I want to be the only one and maintain my competitive advantage!

Joking aside, I often recommend it to other partners. The more people know about Erplain, the better they’ll understand its added value and be able to talk about it with others!

“Including Erplain in the portfolio of software solutions to offer clients is essential."

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